What is Socialbliss?

Say Hello to Style...

Socialbliss is a website designed to allow users to share and explore the fashion world.  With a design similar to the popular site, Pinterest, it is easy for users to pick up on its many features. 

SocialBliss: In Style Fashion Trends Found Easy

SocialBliss helps users stay up-to-date on trends such as new bold colors, what celebrities are wearing or new dress styles before they hit mainstream shops.  Socialbliss is the place to find out fashion updates from events such as Fashion Week in New York City, Paris and Milan as well as various award shows. If you missed the Red Carpet show of the Emmy's, you can find what each celebrity wore that night! Or, if you are seeking inspiration for sexy Valentine's Day lingerie, you can find that on Socialbliss, too. 

What can I do on Socialbliss?
With Socialbliss, you can discover new and established fashion designers, styles and shops.  To save a style or item that you like just "Spot it," with Socialbliss' tagging tool. To show that you like an item, just click the "Haute" button. If you've signed up for Socialbliss, you're tags will be collected in your own personal "closet" of stylish things. 

On Socialbliss, you can meet new friends, designers and companies by following them and be the first to know about new styles! 

Is there Customization?
With all the fashion out there, Socialbliss becomes a great way to organize your fashion styles, wishlist and future purchases.  Whether you organize by season or by items you want vs. need, Socialbliss will allow you to customize any way that you want.
You can also customize who and what collections you follow.  If you find a friend, but do not enjoy or care for one particular collection, you can unfollow that collection.

Socialbliss also provides you with a gateway to several fashion bloggers that have unique ideas and styles of their own. You can easily locate an expert blogger that compliments your style and stay updated on new products and features. 

What about fashion outside of Socialbliss?
That is easy!  Just install the "Spot It" button on your favorite web browser and you will be able to add images from outside Socialbliss to your collections. As you browse fashion shops or cool jewelry vendors on Etsy, you can easily 'grab' those flashy new styles and save them to your Socialbliss collection. It's that easy! 

Once you spot something, Sociabliss will take over and share your find with all of your followers. Your followers can easily add your fashion taste to their collections for later use! So, as you pick and choose those hot new shoes or that new style of European leggings, you can be bringing new ideas that inspire your friends and family! 

How is Socialbliss different from Pinterest?
I know what you are thinking, how is it different from Pinterest? Socialbliss combines the best parts of Pinterest, but does not allow all the food, crafts and home renovation ideas. Therefore, with Socialbliss, you will have 1 place to see the lastest fashion, the hottest trends, and knowledge on where to purchase those products. Give it a try! 

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