For even the most basic marketing campaigns, social bookmarking is a must. In my personal view, it is one of the easiest, coolest and most simple way of spreading your links around, making your presence felt and getting some audience for your site and articles in the bargain.

Now, what is social bookmarking? Basically, social bookmarking is a way of spreading word about your site on the popular sites which may even have PR better than your site, and which, more importantly is used by several people to look up new news, trends, and search for relevant and latest information regarding some niche.

When I started writing articles for article sharing sites like InfoBarrel and HubPages and launched a site or two of my own, I was on a lookout for “getting the word out”. Some member on InfoBarrel had prepared a list of the social bookmarking sites that he thought were the best. That set me off, and I went ahead and researched the whole thing. One thing he was right about was that InfoPirate is the best inarguably the best and … very importantly a very very popular social bookmarking site. It is also a hot site for searching relevant and latest information regarding some niche. You can check out  and sign up for InfoPirate here. Here is a honest and brief review of InfoPirate. I will let you in on the important features and the pros and cons and then it is up to you to decide whether you wish to take advantage of this amazing site. I also use other sites like SheToldMe and Xomba.


1.       InfoPirate is a social bookmarking site AND it shares the Google Adsense revenue 80% of the time.

2.       InfoPirate has a decent member base – probably the best of all social bookmarking sites amongst all the sites in its league.

3.       It is a one-owner site… though that means it has a very personal look out. The site is updated often and all details are posted on the boards.

4.       Just 50 words of unique description earn you a valuable link. This description even allows you a link or two, so you are only winning.

5.       A “mood-uplifting” feature of the site is the pirate talk that the site owner indulges in each time he posts an update. Unlike almost any other site, InfoPirate has a unique flavor and just reading those posts is fun enough.

6.       Like almost any other site nowadays, the site offers affiliate commissions in form of shared adsense revenue.


1.       InfoPirate has an unconventional navigation and sometimes it gets confusing for a new member to find his way around. However once you find your way around, you see that submitting articles and web tips are a breeze.

2.       I have noticed that after submitting the web tip the site redirects wrongly and gives the impression that the submit was invalid. However, if you type in the url manually and go over to your profile (or links in sidebar), you realize that the web tip was submitted just fine.

I use several social bookmarking sites for backlink building and publicizing my own websites and InfoPirate is definitely one which I go to first of all. It is a highly respected source of quality backlinks. I bookmark every article of mine (those from my websites as well as those that are marketing materials for those websites) using InfoPirate. You can sign up at InfoPirate and start spreading your links and creating backlinks. Good Luck!!

I also use SheToldMe social bookmarking site extensively. You can read the SheTold review.