When I first started off with affiliate marketing and blogging, I had this monumental task of “getting the word out”. Seemed it was easier said than done and it was after a few months of struggling when I realized I needed more than content and natural backlinks. Some searching, researching and deliberations brought me to the conclusion that social bookmarking was an invaluable tool for this. I tried out several bookmarking sites – some worked … some didn’t. In this series of articles I will be reviewing a few top (and those that are the best in my opinion). In this particular article, I plan to review a social bookmarking site known as SheToldMe.com. I also use InfoPirate and Xomba. You can find my article about InfoPirate review here.

I registered at SheToldMe.com after I read a few recommendations on Infobarrel and at some other places. In fact, I found that SheToldMe was a rather popular site nowadays. I will try to list its pros and cons to the best of my ability.


1.       SheToldMe.com is a genuine, well maintained and moderated site. So, the content is all 100% unique and non-spammy. This is a long term benefit for readers and that’s what we want right? We want as many people as possible to be visiting the social bookmarking site that we use.

2.       SheToldMe has an easy registration process. Though the signups are also moderated, it’s a good sign that we are going to be part of great, genuine and 100% natural community and some robots are not going to be competing against us trying to post a hundred thousand blogs or web tips per minute. Click here to sign up at SheToldMe.

3.       It works on a 100% revenue sharing model. If you have ever written for a revenue sharing site, your eyes should pop out pretty quick. Reason: I have not found ONE site which works on a 100% adsense revenue sharing model. In all probability, neither have you. So, yes, publish your content on SheToldMe, get more eyeballs for your own website, get a great do-follow backlink and earn adsense revenue on your content snippets posted on SheToldMe. Now, how cool is that?

4.       I love that girl whispering into the other girl’s ear model. Kinda gives me a very human feeling. Remember, such whispered rumors spread faster than publicized facts. I don’t know, but that logo just works for me and that is that.


Well, the only negative aspect that I came across on SheToldMe was that there are numerous ads strewn about the page. No, not the Google Adsense ads … there are more. Of course, since the owner is giving away (sharing, if you must) the total 100% Google Adsense revenue, they do need some source of income and I am sure these banners and thumbnails serve that exact purpose… but they look all too messy. They take the focus away from the content and they make the site’s pages look less navigable.

Well.. this was my honest review of SheToldMe.com. You can sign up at SheToldMe now and start earning revenue on your content and getting quality traffic. Happy link building and blogging.