Bookmarking On Social Sites, Why We Do It?

Best Tool For Bookmarking is..

Unfortunately, most people do not believe in the power of social bookmarking and not to mention the power of strong backlinks generated from using Bookmarking Demon. Yes, bookmarking demon is a supposedly black hat or grey hat tool however it is not as bad as people say it to be. 

Bookmarking is a tedious and boring task that plauges the online world because it is so crucial to get powerful backlinks for those instant and targeted traffic, bookmarking demon was born. Social sites like digg, stumble upon, reddit, delicious, tweetmeme, and lots more are some of the best way to get your website indexed, crawled, and ranked. 

Nobody will tell you how to use this tool but there are rave reviews everywhere, I find this kind of off note and discouraging for someone new who want to try this tool. Now that I have tried the tool, I can tell you that it is not bad and quite powerful considering you have the time to learn the concept of it. 

The idea of this tool is to spam or blast massive amount of backlinks to your webpage using few urls and few keywords. This is all done to index and rank your pages for the benefit of the search engines. Nobody will truly teach you how to use this tool, because it is extremely easy to learn and to just reveal all the best techniques is a crime for most internet marketers.

The very best BMD blasters are using secret scripts to gather the urls of the social bookmark that your links are on so that you can directly blast those sites to increase the power or link juice going to that bookmark. In the end, if you have advanced techniques like this you can create extremely high powered backlinks with a simple click., and simple run another program to support these links.

I do not condone to blackhat methods however most people who have mastered these techniques are quite successful with their internet marketing ventures . So this is not to say that black hat is bad but it is bad in the wrong hands. Regardless, social bookmarking is still an important step in every SEO master's arsenal to pump up traffic and increase indexation as well as rankings.