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If you really want to take advantage of the power of social bookmarking, it is important to implement a strategy to optimize the amount of effort you put into submitting your content as bookmarks. This will help you maximize the traffic being directed to your sites and increase revenue from AdSense impressions.

Optimizing Your Social Bookmarking Profile

  • Use multiple automated social bookmarking submitters. If you use more than one auto submitter, you can increase the number of social bookmarking sites you submit content to because different submitters have different supported sites. Fill in the gaps of one submission tool by using another and maximize the number of automated submissions for your content.
  • Test different tags, titles, and descriptions to see which yield the most traffic.This is a good idea not only for its optimization value, but also because it creates more unique social bookmarks and less possibility of submitting duplicate content to the same network, which can result in being kicked off the social bookmarking site or other negative consequences within your content's search engine opitmization.
  • Create niche topics that you write multiple articles/content about. Then submit these collectively on a social bookmarking site where you could create a profile surrounding that particular niche.
  • Take the time to build a profile including a relevant (or consistent if using the same username across all social bookmarking sites) profile picture and a description about yourself and your content.
  • Be an active participant in the bookmarking community. Comment, vote, or rate other people’s posts and add them as friends. Take advantage of all the interactive social media that often is available on social bookmarking sites. Bookmarking is not enough to get your posts noticed you have to have visitors your profile as well. Branching out and making connections with other posters is the best way to do that because it is the most accessible traffic you can leverage and you may even be able to generate sources of targeted traffic by joining groups on social bookmarking sites that are created about specific things.Social Bookmarking GraphicCredit:
  • Take advantage of social bookmark follow backs. Take the time to bookmark other’s content that you find interesting or useful. Not only will it improve the quality of your bookmark site’s profile but it will also give the writer of the content a reason to read your work and possibly bookmark your writing as well. This is similar to the “Follow Back” rule of Twitter except it carries more weight because it means taking the time to read content and bookmark, vote, or comment on it.

Other Tips & Tricks

  • Use a bookmarklet feature, this is the button or bookmark posted directly in your browser's bookmark bar that automatically submits the content that is displayed when you click the button. If available, it saves time when submitting content to multiple sites.
  • Keep track of where your content is submitted so there is no possibility of submitting duplicate content to the same social bookmarking site
  • Write out the titles, descriptions, and tags of all content you plan to submit in advance so you can copy and paste across different services; however, remember not to make your content too uniform, so alter content slightly when using multiple automated submitters
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