The Basics of Social Bookmarking

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When working to monetize your web content, backlinking is an essential part of your work, but it is also a very time-consuming process, especially when you are writing a lot of content. Social bookmarking is one of the best ways to build backlinks to your site or published writing and it can be done even faster if you use automated social bookmarking services. However, before you start working with social bookmark sites, it is important to learn about the types of social bookmarking websites that are available and how this may translate to the search engine optimization value of your backlinks, also known as the backlink quality score.

Types of Social Bookmarking Sites

  1. For a Specific Content Medium - Some social bookmarking sites are created for bookmarking content of a certain medium namely audio, text, video, or picture. Some examples of photo only bookmarking site are Flikr,, and Imgfave. Some examples of video only social bookmarking sites are: Youtube,, and However, most social bookmarking sites, like Stumble Upon, have video, photo, audio, and textual bookmarks; they are able to integrate content in a variety of mediums
  2. Interactive - More and more, social bookmarking sites are becoming socially interactive in a style similar to that of Facebook. Members can join different groups, add other users as friends, build their own profile of interests, and much more. One example of an interactive social bookmarking site is, which has dozens of features including games and mobile capabilities.
  3. Search Engine/Email - Major search Social Bookmarking SitesCredit: like Google and Yahoo as well as popular Email Providers like AOL and AIM have their own social bookmarking capabilities built in. So if you already have an email account in Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL/AIM you already have one social bookmarking account or maybe several. Google has multiple places to submit bookmarks including Google Bookmarks, Google Buzz, and Google Plus as does Yahoo and AOL/AIM. These big search engines also often have their own bookmarking plugin button that you can keep in your toolbar and use to bookmark whatever webpage you are currently on.
  4. Topic of Interest - Some social bookmarking sites are written about specific topics and will only accept submissions of content that is relevant to those topics. The range of topics is endless but the most popular subjects I’ve found are: health, finance, news, technology, and business. 

Do Follow vs. No Follow Backlinks

You may have heard the terms “Do Follow” and “No Follow” when searching for sites on which to build backlinks. “No Follow” links are links that form a connection from one website to another but it only goes one-way and is not reciprocated. “Do Follow” links, according to the online definition, are links that form a connection between two websites. When linking to social bookmarking sites with “Do Follow” links, the connection that you’ve formed by creating a social bookmark will reciprocate and create a backlink to the URL where your content was originally posted. In the case of Info Barrel writers, this is a backlink for, not your account or particular article. However, backlinks will boost the SEO ranking of a website, so creating backlinks for info barrel will increase the overall traffic to the site thus increasing traffic to your articles. If you do happen to own the domain of the content (like if you were building a niche site) then these backlinks go to your domain and will help your individual content rank in Google.

To determine if a site is “No Follow” or “Do Follow,” there is one simple method to follow. Since links are created in HTML coding language they leave a visible signature in the site’s code. If you have the Web Developer tools that allow you to see a site’s HTML, look for the following code to find out if a site is No Follow or Do Follow:

Do Follow Social Bookmarking

rel=”nofollow” or “dofollow”

If you own your own domains you can also use this code to allow your site to follow or not follow back other sites that link to your content.

Say you aren’t a techie or fluant in any coding languages, how else can you determine if a site is “No Follow” or “Do Follow”? There are lists online of known “Do Follow” sites that are quite easy to find if you do a bit of Googling.

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