Should social businesses be the most successful businesses, run by the most successful people?

I have visited training courses,  trained in and studied books, and wrote to numerous successful people. Most, if not all, point to one of the same issues in their achievements: Purpose. The reason behind what you do. If you do not have it you probably won't succeed; but if you do, the there is no limit. In this article I want to explain why social entrepreneurs who are working to build social businesses should be the most successful in the entire world.

Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams Realty, says it perfectly:

" ... A Big Why brings big focus and big energy, and a little why brings little focus and little energy. HIGH ACHIEVERS ALWAYS HAVE A BIG WHY"(p. 73).

The amazing book, E-Myth, by small business guru Michael Gerber says it like this,  

"Your Primary Aim is your innermost driving force. It gives you a sense of direction and purpose. It motivates you to your highest levels of energy, and puts you at your best" (Chpt. 12).

With that said ...
Don't social entrepreneurs have the worthiest  aspiration of all? Don't they have the most  valued intention behind what they are doing? Then doesn't it stand to reason that social entrepreneurs, as they are giving their lives to solve the world's trouble, should be the most enthusiastic, sky-aspiring, full of life, passionate and highly successful people on the face of the planet?
One lesson I learned early in my business work was that money is not a good incentive. Since creating my business enterprise Ethic Travel, which focuses on using a amount of our profits to help produce homes for those in need, and now launching Impact Through Business, I have NEVER had this much effectiveness and desire. I'm up at 4:30 a.m most mornings, and work till late into the evening many nights; all to do it again the next day. And what's more, I am thoroughly savoring it. I can see the repercussions that our business can have on individuals lives. I put a picture of a boy in abject poverty up on my wall. When I do get down or feeling lethargic, as we all do at times, I take a long look and let it refocus my purpose. It's an utter impossibility to stare at this, let it sink it, and not have burst of motivation surge through me. This is what I am working for in Ethic Travel. To see quality homes built for people like this, to give them a healthy stable environment so that, in turn, they can begin to build their lives.

What drives you?
If you want to touch your potential think about the big picture. What do you want your life to be about? What do you want the history of your life to be? I truly believe that making an impact in society should be the most extraordinary in the world; they have the biggest why.

Not only will a big why boost you to success, it will sustain you once you get there. If all you are pursuing is money alone, you will be sadly unhappy about and unfulfilled once you get some. True success is being fulfilled, and that cannot come by pursuing money alone.