Social events can be any event or activity that brings a group of people together. A social event can be a large group of people gathering for a particular interest. However, a social event does not have to be large groups of people, it does include activities where a handful of people have gathered.

Here are some examples of large social events. Large social events are usually when numerous people show up for a common purpose or interest, but do not necessarily know each other.

  • Concerts of any sort, such as rock bands to classical music concerts. Also, concerts in the park and outdoor music festivals.
  • Local festivals, such as an Italian Festival or Greek Festival that includes shopping and food. Festivals can also include a mixture of food, shopping, music and games, such as a kids day festival or Shakespeare in the Park.
  • Sport gatherings, such as a NASCAR race, football, baseball or basketball game. Also, mountain bike races, swim meets or dirt bike races and practice.
  • Theater performances, including indoor and outdoor shows. As well as, shows at colleges and universities or private theater locations.
  • Craft and art shows, as well as other hobby shows, such as rodeos or antique collecting.
Smaller social events include more personal get togethers, such as birthdays, holidays, graduations, weddings, showers and BBQ's. These are usually people that do know each other and have again gathered for a common purpose. Smaller social events are a much more personal level and many times will be in a known location, such as a person's home or park. However, they also may be at a restaurant or church, depending on the event.