Social issues are issues that encompass society. They may be bills or legisture that will effect society as whole, as well as issues that have an impact on cities and counties. Social issues have meaning to states and a country too or as the world as a whole. A social issue is usually something that has opposing arguments and sides to the issues.

There have been many major social issues that have been in the news and surfaced lately due to the economy and the state of the US. However, these issues many times effect other countries as well. But, social issues are not contained only to economy or bills that may or may not be passed, but social issues also are in the area of natural disasters, laws in other countries, wars and religion.

Social issues again usually have opposing sides of the argument, that may be for or against something. There are opposing view points, many of which are opinion, that are based on what each side thinks is the right decision.

Currently, so of the most heated social issues within the United States and even around the world are:

  • health care reform
  • Arizona immigration laws
  • the economy
  • foreclosure
  • home buying
  • the war
  • foreign policy
These are just a few that are at the fore front of the social issues taking place. However, when there has been disasters in other countries, policy changes there as well or other alternating views, these are just as important and are a social issue not just in the country of origin, but in other countries as well.

Lastly, each state, city or country has their own social issues that take center stage within that community. Such as, education, roads, schools, small businesses or anything that has become important to that area.

Social issues, bring communities and people together, but also can tear them apart. Social issues are problems or incidents that need to be taken care of, but how they should be handled are always not agreed upon.