Social media management is now more important than ever thanks to the explosive growth of computers and mobile and the pervasion of the internet through these devices. The use of social media tools, especially the free ones, is also on the increase as they pretty much automate the organizing and optimizing of social media management. In this article we will look at the best social media tools and evaluate their pros and cons. You need to look at how useful the tool will be while managing your social media accounts. Hopefully by the end of the article you will be able to decide the best tools that you can use. 


This is the most popular tool by far and is great for managing all of your social media accounts from a single place. There is a free as well as a paid version. Using Hootsuite people are able to easily manage Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn on their own from a single tool. You are allowed a total of 5 profiles with a free account though with a pro account you can have much more. The design is a favorite with most people and each account is managed in a separate column in the tool. Each social media account will appear as a stream in a different tab making it easy to see what is going on in each account.

The most widespread use of Hootsuite is for managing Twitter through its stream which monitors everything including retweets, messages and mentions. You can also track individual keywords with this tool.

However in terms of reporting Hootsuite only offers basic reports and advanced reporting is an expensive affair. Going by its looks it may look quite drab but its functionality has users hooked. The design with its separate columns for each account and several add-ons that you get free makes Hootsuite an attractive option.


More commonly known as Buffer, it lets you manage your content very easily. The Buffer button can be integrated with RSS, Twitter and with tools like SocialBro. Scheduling content with Bufferapp is very easy. Just click the button and choose where you would like the content posted. The entire scheduling of your content takes just a few clicks and nothing more. The latest addition to Buffer was scheduling tweets. The Pro version of Buffer lets you schedule in whichever way you want on different days.

Klout and Kred

Klout is another tool that is used in social media management. Klout gives out a measurement of influence. For example it measure a number of factors including likes and friends on Facebook while in Twitter it will measure your retweets and followers. They do monitor a large number of social media platforms and a detailed list can be found on the website.

A similar tool as Klout is one called Kred. Kred also measure more or less the same factors but believes in making all its scores public. This is considered an advantage by many since they can see how their scores compare with others at a glance.

Many people use both Klout and Kred.


Peerindex is another tool that is similar but places a huge importance on what you write. Their score is taken after adding up your influence in several networks. Used by companies what is unique about Peerindex is their much publicized reward system based on high scores. 


IFTTT stands for "if this then that" and it means just that! It will seem familar to those who have studied programming since this phrase is used very often in their field. What it is helps with is to connect unconnected services in a sequence of events that you would like. It uses a trigger action to program the next action. People use it extensively to manage content and posting that content on social networks. IFTTT has a simple interface and is extremely easy to use. In fact it can be used by anyone who knows how to use a computer. 


While Hootsuite and Buffer are the most popular tools used in conjunction with each other, the other tools are no less useful. The biggest advantage that people see in Hootsuite and Buffer is the simplicity and ease of use so that they can spend only a minimal amount of time on their social media accounts through the use of these tools.

Tools like Klout, Kred and Peerindex help to know your influence score at a single glance. You easily use at least 2 of these tools for knowing your score and also be aware of how you are dong by accessing scores of your peers with the help of Kred. IFTTT is a tool that you can use for just about anything, using your creativity.

If you are able to do good social media management you will be rewarded with additional business and higher revenues.