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Social Media Management 101

 Social Networking is without a doubt, the most popular way to connect with friends, advertise a business, and much more. Even celebrities use social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to connect with their fans and advertise a new product, album, or movie release.  Social networking is such a crucial part of any marketing plan and that is how anyone from a stay at home mom advertising her delicious cookies to the celebrity with an upcoming song builds popularity and growth.  Before jumping into becoming a Social Media Manager, you have to ask yourself some important questions.

  •    Do you have a natural gift of building great and professional looking profiles and/or Fan Pages?
  •    Are you able to take an already existing profile and design it into something spectacular?
  •    Can you advertise a profile/page and make it go viral-Do you understand the fundamentals of what makes a Facebook, You tube, or Twitter account go viral?

If you answered yes to all those questions, then you are sitting on a gold mine ability that can make you some extra money or build yourself a career as a social media manager. Social Media Management is a billion dollar industry and most importantly, there is room for more.  Lucky for you, it is quite simple to get started in the industry.  Here are some steps to getting started. The key is to start out small and build your way up to working for the big time celebrities.

Step 1:

The first step is to build yourself a little portfolio by asking your friends and family to let you do a “makeover” with their social profiles. You can add widgets and backgrounds that fit their personality. There are tons of free resources that can help you with graphics as well as tutorials to help guide you along.  Get a good range of designs and array of “add-ons” that can represent your wide area of skills. This will include learning everything that Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube has to offer. Then you can branch out to find other resources and programs to use for building purposes.

Step 2:

Once you have a good looking portfolio, you will want to start skewering your local town for small business owners that don’t have an online social presence.  Once you have a list of local business owners, start visiting them one by one and explain to them the advantages of social networking in a business sense.  Show them your portfolio as this will be your strategy to sell them.  Don’t be discouraged if they say no; simply leave your business card or flyer with them in case they have a change of heart later.  Keep hitting the pavement, through dedication and hard work; you will start seeing your client base build up.

Step 3:

Provide your clients with professional and awesome looking profiles and with some experience and positive client feedback, you can then branch out to the local bands, models, and amateur actors. Get a few of these potential up and coming celebrities to let you be their Social Media manager. I would suggest if you are going to target bands or singers, target the genre of music you have the most interest in as this will help you stay motivated and interested.

As with any business, the key is to start out small. That goes for your pricing as well. Make sure you do not over price your services as this will start a trend of scaring away potential clients. There is nothing wrong with inexpensive prices for your services and build your prices up as you build your expertise and knowledge.  Your prices should reflect your know-how. The more you can do the higher you price your services offered, Just make sure you always provide excellent service and always get feedback from your clients as this will help with gaining future clients.  Good luck with your Social Media Management business.  You never know, you may be posting Facebook and Twitter updates for the next big rock star or actor!!!