With their fancy dresses and big price tags, Oscar de la Renta doesn’t seem like the most obvious social media marketing candidate. But with over 160,000 Facebook fans and over 45,000 Twitter followers, they’re reaching out to a new generation of internet-savvy fashion

Esprit d’OscarCredit: Oscar de la RentaTo celebrate the launch of their first new fragrance in 10 years, Esprit d’Oscar, they’re giving away 5,000 free samples via a special section of their Facebook Page. The official fragrance won’t be available until mid-April, so if you aren’t all over their Facebook page you’ll have to fork out $98 for a bottle, which I suppose is peanuts compared to a $4,000 cocktail dress.

The Fashion House’s head of marketing for fragrance, Michele de Bourbon, says this campaign allows fans of all economic backgrounds to experience the “World of Oscar.” The fragrance line is marketed as “affordable,” but as you’ve seen above, it will still burn a deep hole in many people’s pockets.

Fashion is always looking forward, so it makes sense for the company to experiment with social media marketiing. And price aside, this type of campaign lets companies share their brand on a large scale, whether what they sell is affordable or not.

Here are a couple other Facebook social media marketing launch success stories:

Marc Jacobs—Bang, You’re It

Last fall, Marc Jacobs released their first male scent in almost a decade, called—you guessed it—Bang. To promote the launch, they created a Facebook gamed titled “Bang, You’re It!”

BangCredit: Marc JacobsDepending on how you look at it, the game is either really obscene or slightly violent. This is how it works: after giving mucho personal data to the game, you are shown distorted black and white photos of other players. Then, you decide who you want to “bang,” which actually means their profile photo gets the same impacted look as the fragrance bottle. The more you bang, the more points you get. You also get extra points for banging after midnight and banging internationally, and they even give out some real-life prizes like cologne and clothing. It’s juvenile social media marketing, yet it's amusing.

The Ford Fiesta Movement

Rather than releasing their new Fiesta model at a car show, Ford placed the car’s fate in the hands of 100 social media marketing “agents.” They each lived with a Fiesta for six months and shared their experiences online through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, video and other events.

The best par
t? They didn’t speFord Fiesta MovementCredit: Fordnd a dime on traditional media.

It’s often risky to spread a brand so widely over social media channels, but  this seems to be working in Ford’s favour. None of the user-uploaded Facebook photos are of broken down cars, and the vast majority of tweets are favourable. Even if a breakdown occurs, Ford is so involved in social media marketing that they’ll be able to handle any situations quickly and courteously.