Holidays and Social Media Marketing Techniques

Using Holiday Season to Promote through Social Media


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The holiday season offers a great opportunity to maximize the benefits of your marketing efforts.  One great way to get exposure is through the use of social media marketing as a promotional platform to reach a lot of potential viewers who in turn may become customers.

Make your page or profile look more interesting by using seasonal backgrounds.  You may produce your own web layout or use pre-made layouts available for download online.

There's no such thing as effortless marketing. In one way or another you have to participate in social media to be visible.  Potential clients are interested in socializing with real people, not bots.  Google will know eventually otherwise.

Promotions and bonuses are great ways to get noticed in social media marketing. People would love to check out a site that could offer something beneficial to them in one way or another.

Holiday social media marketing should, of course, include holiday themed content.    Offer something special that isn't always available any time of the year.

If you are featuring holiday-themed products, make sure to provide easy shopping options.  Online shopping features with Paypal buttons or other online payment methods is a great plus.

Keywords are important in social media marketing to get yourself noticed.  Research what's hot on the market and use these relevant keywords throughout your content if you offer the same in your site.  Use related tags for greater online visibility.

Polls are great applications to add to your site. This also helps you understand what interests your site visitors.  Offer polls about products you offer or products you are thinking of selling.

Post customer reviews if possible.  Reviews of satisfied customers help raise the value of your products and thus create more

The sharing button is a great tool. Use it. This gets the word out through your network faster.

Social media management also includes creating or joining a community with mutual interests.  Connecting with a community is an effective social media marketing tool. This way, you not only serve your interests but it also gives you a chance to share ideas with like-minded people.

As you have completed your initial marketing method through social communities, likewise you must set goals for yourself and for other products you wish to offer in the future.  This will continue to motivate you to achieve higher goals.

The holiday season provides a good platform for marketing.  This is a chance to make good connections and establish relationships with clients and site visitors.  If they find your site and products interesting, they may keep coming back all year round.