Social Media Strategies

Social Media has been one of the top breakthrough media styles to ever hit the internet. By basic word of mouth marketing, people's websites have blown up with one amazing post. Be it unique content or media, social media bookmarking sites have driven thousands of unique visits within hours of launch. Social media marketing has become one of the most fascinating means of marketing to date, and lots of companies are paying out the ear just to hire consultants to direct their editorial content in ways that can be devoured by the social media communities like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Twitter (amongst others, these are the 4 most popular though).

To get proper attention to your website or blog, you could hire a social media strategist. You could learn it on your own, and master the methods (which is very time consuming), and test out your own content on the social media sites, or you could consult someone that knows what they're doing.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is the art of formatting a blog post in ways that is very structured and geared towards the audience. No intrusive ads, no adsense-laden paragraphs, and above all, no terrible content. For a good start, all of your images should hold the same width, so they fit nicely between your post columns without breaking any tables, without being awkward to look at. maximize the space you have in your columns, and write excellent content that can fill the spaces between the images.

Viral Media Marketing

Viral media is basically anything that you'd see on a website - Youtube videos, pictures, and top notch content. It's what happens when friends are passing the link on to their friends, as a chain reaction type of thing. This is great "word of mouth" marketing. If you have an awesome commercial for a product that engages people, makes people laugh, it's great for viral marketing. Give people something to talk about. They call it Viral media marketing because it catches on and spreads like a cold, it's almost a frightening term to use for something so rewarding.

Brand Exposure

Many companies have turned to social media to get their brand out there. Becoming a household name does not happen overnight. From websites like Cracked to XKCD, highly recognizable media sources are gaining massive amounts of traffic and recognition. If you are a company with a small web presence, a social media company could help you turn it around and definitely increase your brand exposure, sales, and leads.

Improved Google Pagerank

With a ton of new back links to your viral posts your Google Pagerank will steadily increase. This will make your website more desirable to get a link from, when dealing with webmasters in the future. Your website will hold more value when being linked to, and your Pagerank juice will be flowing throughout the whole site, making it more valuable to Google and hold more influence over the SERPs. Social media is very effective in the world of search engine optimization.

Social Media in a Nutshell

Social media marketing hasn't fully been understood by most businesses and companies. Some corporate companies get it; some don't. When it is put into use you gain a fanbase. If you cater to the community you're promoting it on, you will earn some respect from these people, and potential customers/subscribers. Social Media Marketing is a wonderful thing.