Write content that attracts visitors to your website, write it where they are guaranteed to read it!

All websites need traffic.  Traffic translates into money.  That's the purpose of website for many businesses. 

Many brick-and-mortar businesses fail to connect with their potential customers/clients online as they do face-to-face.  The Internet is changing every day, but human communication and rules of the marketplace remain.  Why not use the company website as another avenue to success & profit?

A business-card style website establishes a web presence, but usually does nothing more than look good on business cards and is slightly more useful than just handing one out.  Do more with your website!

You can hire the greatest SEO people to help market your website, spend hundreds on social media advertising or Adsense, and spend countless hours streamlining your site's design  - it doesn't guarantee anything but more people looking at your polished site.

No, you need to engage the people before they come to your site.  You need to put your name out there and stand out amongst countless bland competitors. You need to make money online!

Let's get started!


1. Find forums may potentially have visitors in your target market.  Your list may grow as you start following links and finding other potential people to sell your product/service to.

2. Post on the forum with an intent to generate links to your website.  Signatures in forum posts are great long-term free advertising - many forum hosts never delete their content!  Just make sure to read the rules of the forum and abide. 

3. Communicate with real people!  Oftentimes, forums are dedicated to groups with specific niche needs, interests, or problems.  A plastic surgery forum (they exist) would be a great place to market a doctor's services, especially if the forum is regional.  Web design companies can find ecommerce website support forums to gain contracts with struggling web administrators.   The idea is to go to the customers, to help them solve problems or fulfill needs in a place where they are expressing this need.

4. Expand!  On many forums, there may be events, meetups, conventions, and links to other forums - what a great way to find more people for what you're selling!  You could discover a whole new audience for your product/service, and make a name for yourself in the online community.  If your original website generates enough traffic, why not start your own forum?

For a real-world example, an audio electronics company that I worked for had their technicians post on popular DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hobby electronics websites.  With a link to the company's product blog in their signature, the technicians were allowed to post personal projects on company time.  As they offered advice  to members of the forum and updated their progress with pictures, the company was getting free publicity and the the technicians were motivated to work on the manager's project.  Site traffic grew and the company expanded into selling hobby kits for many of the products.  Now, their website is a resource for their target market, and they're expanding their reach with a larger web presence.  More visitors, more sales.  Simple as that.

So, get started today!  Find those people who are looking for what you're offering.  Internet forums are great places to connect just like you do in person, so make the most of the web and get ready to start posting!