Social Promotion Tips and Techniques

Social Media Optimization

What is social media optimization, and how does it work? I will give you some social media optimization tips in this article that I think will explain that. 

First we will talk about the largest social networking site, Facebook. Facebook has hundreds of millions of regular visitors, and people spend the most time there than on any other site, including Google. 

In order to reach people on Facebook, you can use Facebook Ads, which can work very successfully if you understand how to get a good cost per click, by targeting the right people. 

Another way that Facebook can work very well is by making a Facebook welcome page there. Due to the fact the site has a huge page rank, you can compete quite well for a Google search if you know a bit about SEO, and getting people to like your page. 

You may even get some traffic from a Facebook search, as more people are using the search feature to find pages there. 

An alternative way to use Facebook would be to make friends with people in your area of interest, start a group, send messages, have a discussion, although you don't want to do anything too spammy, or you may have your account deleted. 

The second biggest site for social promotion is You Tube, it's not exactly a social site, but it can be, and again, if you know a bit about search engine optimiztion, you can get your videos to do well in a Google search. The number of views are particularly important there, apart from back links, title choice, and a keyword relevant description. 

My favorite site for social media optimization is Twitter. It's incredibly easy to get a lot of followers, and while not all of them look at their dashboards, a good percentage do, which makes it the fastest way to do social promotion. 

Simply sign up for an account at Twiends, add heaps of people, then a few days later, unfollow those who aren't following back with Tweepi. Schedule recurring tweets with Twaitter, and there you have it, a steadily increasing amount of traffic. 

You can follow and unfollow about 200 people a day, but don't go overboard, as you don't want to get your account suspended. 

Other social promotion tips and techniques I can give you would not be as effective as the one I just gave you for Twitter, but you may want to learn how to use StumbleUpon, and learn SEO for your Facebook pages and You Tube videos.