Social networking sites are more popular than ever and almost everyone has heard of them or is a member of one or more. Profiles are developed on sites such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. However, there are many more social networking sites that are online besides the most popular and they will offer you money for participating in some of their programs.

You can still use the most popular sites as a tool for making money for your website or blog. Post backlinks to your website or blog when you socialize on these sites.

You may not have the opportunity to share in the ad revenue on the older social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook. However, you can use these sites to drive traffic from these sites to your site or blog. More traffic can increase your revenue through ad revenue on your site or blog.

Newer social networking sites in an effort to increase their membership are offering members the opportunity to share in ad revenue with their sites. If you are interested in sharing ad revenue, review the contract with each site individually. These vary and may be worth the visit depending on the percentage of ad revenue shared with the member.

There are social networking sites that permit you to refer new members through your link with the network in order to obtain revenue. When the referred member signs up, you will generate revenue if you have a website or blog article written concerning the site and place a link through your article to the site using your referral code. Many writers are upfront and honest with referral information and will advise you that this is their referral code and they will make money or you can make money through the referral process. Explaining this information in your article is a not a must but it does show your manners and is polite to do so.

If you have chosen a referral program that is multi-level, when the person you referred refers someone, then they refer someone and this continues (most have a maximum of 10 levels) you are earning referral revenue for all of those referred under you from the original referral. Twitter has a referral program available for their members.

Most bloggers and website owners choose to use social networking as a method to drive traffic to their site or blog and earn revenue through the ad revenue on your personal site or blog. The more readers or followers you have, the more revenue through ads may be earned. Post your articles online under your social networking account in order to have them available for readers online through the network. If they are interested, they can link to your information on your site or blog. You can set up your site to have each article published to be posted on the social networking site automatically.

On your site or blog you can offer to have your readers “follow you” on the social networking site(s) you belong to. Offer your readers the opportunity to post your articles on their social networking sites or walls also. A link can be posted on your site or blog that allows readers to share your article information on the social network. They can hopefully spread the word of how great it is along with how great your site or blog is also.

Facebook provides the opportunity to post your blog on their blog listing/forum with a description and information pertaining to articles posted on your blog. You can become part of their blogging community and reach a new audience thru their blogging community. Bloggers of your same niche are listed and readers can rate your blog against other blogs displayed on the wall. They can also link directly from Facebook to your blog.

If you are a member of a social networking community or social networking group that allows you to share your content from your site or blog, please do so. If there are other writers in your same niche, read their blogs and sites and leave insightful comments, many times the favor will be returned.

You can also create your own communities on the social networking sites. Creating your own communities is another way to drive traffic to your website or blog through the social network.

Some social networking sites will offer to pay you a fee for posting in their forum discussions. Some of the smaller social networking sites that at still growing will offer you the opportunity to share in their ad revenue and those details will be spelled out when you join them.  

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