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Social Network Case StudyCredit: Michelle Cesare

On 11/7/11 I started a Social Network Case Study to find out if all the positive hype about using Social Network Platforms to attain Followers, Subscribers and to make valuable connections held true.  I'm pleased to share that the results are amazingly positive.  I'm so glad I took the time to learn how to use many Social Network Platforms to help my Internet Business expand in popularity.

I started the Social Network Case Study with

  • Linkedin Group Members: 1
  • Facebook Page: Likes - 22 - Talking About - 3
  • Facebook Group Members: 8
  • Twitter Followers: 339
  • YouTube Channel: Channel Views - 6,761 - Video Uploads - 2,976 - Subscribers 71

I did not see good results with Linkedin BUT I DID have great success using Linkedin as a form of attracting lots of Facebook Page Likes to my Facebook Pages.  Linkedin helped me drastically increase Likes to my Facebook Pages.  You can look me up.  Michelle Cesare.

In 11/7/11 I only had one Twitter account and now I have three Twitter accounts that have hundreds and one account has thousands of Followers.  Awesome!  Homebaseincome, LotOfCoupons and ForwardingNews.  All doing great.

Youtube?  I now have two Youtube channels and both are doing OK.  One is a miscellaneous fun channel and the other speaks specifically about Internet education.  I show visitors how to use free platforms that I use daily.  I earn daily revenue everyday from my Youtube channels.  InternetEducation101 and Homebaseincome101.

I now have three Google + accounts.  One Google + account has thousands of connections and the other two are growing gradually.  I use was very intimidated by Google + but not anymore.  Two are linked to my Youtube channels and one links to my Adsense Gmail account.  I don't want to share those email addresses here.

At the start of the Social Network Case Study I had one Facebook Page and now I have three Facebook Pages.  Two have been growing strong and one I only started a few days ago.  The more I expand the more I need.

I still have only one Facebook Group that is booming.  I'm so pleased with it.  If you would like to request membership, you can do so by searching for Online Article Writers.  There are many Infobarrel members in the Group so you should feel right at home.

I now have one Pinterest account too.  I really like Pinterest.  Not only to Internet Market but to browse their platform to find great ideas from crafting to fashion to hairstyling to cooking.  You can look me up as Homebaseincome or Michelle Cesare.

Last but I'm sure not least is my Instagram account.  I have gone through the motions to create an account and have used it a few times but I do need to focus building my foundation at Instagram.  All in due time.  When I start to travel soon I'm going to use Instagram a lot and of course use it as a form of Internet Marketing too.  I look forward to that.  You can look me up as  LotOfCoupons.  I uploaded a handful of food pictures to link my website to it as a form of backlinking.

OK, here is the statistics to the Social Network Platforms I use.  I hope this helps motivate others to do the same.  Nothing happens over night.

Today's Date 9/18/13

  • Linkedin:  I have an Professional Profile filled with 69 Connections.
  • Twitter:
    Homebaseincome - Followers = 1,667
    ForwardingNews - Followers = 604
    LotOfCoupons - Followers = 585
  • Youtube:
    Homebaseincome101 - Subscribers = 97 - Views = 10,216
    InternetEducation101 - Subscribers = 113 - Views = 34,068
  • Google +:
    1ST. account - Internet Connections Circle = 1,567
    2ND. account - Internet Connections Circle = 40
    3RD. account - Internet Connections Circle = 217

I do have more Circles in each Google + account but to list them would take way to long.

  • Facebook Pages:
    FreeWriteRevenueStreams = 149 Likes
    LotOfCouponsDotCom = 113
    Roku TV Channel Developers = 34
  • Facebook Group:
    Online Article Writers = 139 members

  • Pinterest:
    Boards = 38
    Pins = 851
    Likes = 75

  • Instagram:
    Post = 17
    Followers = 13
    Following = 32

I hope you enjoyed the Social Network Case Study comparison.  I'll be back in the future to give and update.

Never give up.  Always move forward.  A little each day.  Baby steps make a huge positive difference.

Statistics Of A Social Network Case Study

Case Study Using Social Networking Websites

It took me a bit longer to share the statistics of the Social Networking Case Study I put together but I'm here now to share the results.

Yes!  Social Networking Websites do help build a Following/Subscribers who visit daily and are active but my bottom-line of earning more revenue each day has increased too.

The first Social Networking Website I will speak of is LinkedIn.  I did not sign in to LinkedIn everyday nor did I focus advertising the LinkedIn Group BUT I did learn how to use LinkedIn Platform more often to post my articles, blogs, websites and videos to the Home Page to help direct and increase traffic and it worked.  I'm still learning LinkedIn but trying my best to use it as a Social Networking Case Study helped me learn how to navigate and use it better than I did before.  I've become comfortable using it.

Facebook Pages and Groups have worked out great for me.  I now have active followers who sign in almost daily to post their URLs to share with members of the Facebook Page and Group.  It's awesome.  The members help each other by sharing posts they read.  Each time I read a members post I make sure I share it by clicking the Facebook Like button, clicking the Tweet button, clicking Google +1 button or clicking Pin It.  I want to help my Facebook Page and Group active members GO VIRAL.

Twitter is another Social Networking Website that has helped me build a solid Following and because I had such great success with my original Twitter account, I decided to open up another one.  My original Twitter account username is HomeBaseIncome and the second Twitter account I created in June 2012 is LotOfCoupons.  They both have had great success especially when I took the time to weed out the Non-Followers and made more connections with active Twitter members.  The HomeBaseIncome Twitter account had 339 Followers for a very long time until I started to weed out the non-active members.  The HomeBaseIncome Twitter account Following as of 8/1/12 is 476.  I'm pretty proud of that.

Youtube has helped me along too but during the past year my original HomeBaseIncome101 Youtube channel is used for both personal and professional.  I opened another Youtube channel title InternetEducation101 and this one has become my baby.  I record videos speaking about everything Internet, Mobile Gadgets, Gadgets and Internet Marketing Techniques.  I increase my chances of earning daily revenue because both my Youtube channels let me earn Adsense revenue.

Overall Social Network Case Study Review:

It's all positive.  There is work involved building up a Following but over time the Followings continue to rise in numbers and become more active.  When I created the LinkedIn account, Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter accounts and the extra Youtube channel, it took time to learn how to use them comfortably and confidently but now using them is second nature.  I sign in, get to work and before I know it my work is done.

Social Networking Websites do help build a solid active Following of members, helps increase traffic and helps your bottom-line of earning multiple streams of residual income.

I'll be back to share my experience using Pinterest as a form of Social Networking and Internet Marketing.  I joined in June 2012 and need to focus learning how to build up my Board.  I'll be back to share the Pinterest results.

August 4, 2012

Facebook Page:  41 Likes
Facebook Group:  37 Members
Original Twitter Account:  476

Social Network Case Study Part Two Results

Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn-Youtube-Video Recorded Using A Free App On iPad 3

Social Network Case Study

Social Networking Advertising and Marketing

 Is Social Networking Really All That? 

The topic of this article speaks about Social Networking as a form of advertising to recruit members and followers which in turn should help increase traffic to your articles, blogs, websites and videos over time.  The four Social Networks I will put my focus on are Linkedin Groups, Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter and YouTube Channels.

I started to write online in January 2009 and I focused on writing informative articles, blogs, websites and began creating videos.  All my energy and drive went into writing, creating and learning the ins and outs of earning money online using free resources available on the web.  I never put the effort in to regularly using Social Networking Websites to advertise and market online but it's because I never took the time to learn how to use them to my advantage.  I felt it was time I sit my butt down to set myself up with the free to join Social Network Websites and force myself to learn how to navigate and use them properly.  I believe I now know enough to benefit in a huge way to help my Internet Business become even more successful.


I created a Linkedin account a long while ago but I never sat down to fill out a Profile, create a Group or use it as a way to connect with people.  On 11/6/11 I finally sat down to fill out my Profile, I created a Linkedin Group titled "Content Writers Earning Income Online" and now taking the time to make connections.  I also linked my Twitter account to my Linkedin account so when I Tweet at Twitter my Tweets are automatically posted to my Linkedin Activity Feed visible on my Linkedin Profile.  Connecting Social Networks to each other I'm told helps with going viral on the web.

 Facebook Pages & Groups 

It's November 2011 and I've had a Facebook account for the past two years.  I did not use it much at first but then after researching and reading success stories about using Facebook as an advertising tool, I decided to open the flood gates to connect with people other than my family and friends.  I also have a Facebook Page titled "FreeWriteRevenueStreams" and a Facebook Group titled "Online Article Writers".  I plan to use my Facebook Wall, Facebook Page and Facebook Group to help expand my growing Internet Business.  I will browse around Facebook to find Facebook Pages and Groups to follow that share my interests and hope people decide to Like my Facebook Page and join my Facebook Group.  I have a feeling I'm going to watch my traffic explode over time.



Twitter is another Social Networking Platform I never fully utilized to make connections online.  I've had a Twitter account for a long time but never bothered using it daily as a way to market online for free.  I used it occasionally but did not put in the effort to make enough connections to help direct traffic to my articles, blogs, websites and YouTube video clips.  I now have Social Networks and any website I'm a member of connected to my Twitter account if available.  Any activity I do at a Social Network or website I have connected to my Twitter account, automatically sends my post to my Twitter Wall.  One less manual step I have to do myself because my Social Networks are linked to each other.  They are connected.


At YouTube there is a Sharing section in your Account Settings where you can connect your Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Orkut and MySpace accounts.  Each time you follow through with an activity while signed in to your YouTube account, your activity is automatically sent to all your connections/social networks.  One manual step turns into multiple steps without you having to follow through each step manually.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

 As of 11/7/11 my stastics are: 

Social Network Case-Study
Linkedin Group Memebers
Facebook Page Likes
Talking About
Facebook Group Members
Twitter Followers
YouTube Channel Views

I'll be back in January 2012 to share the updated statistics using the Social Network Websites.

Social Network Case Study 101

The Power of Social Networking

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