Social network in this movie of course refers to facebook. Based on a book (Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich) that was based off Eduardo Saverin's interpretation of the events, this movie takes a look at the inception of Facebook.

The tagline:

You don't get to that many friends without making a few enemies.

This has even been parodied for use in the case of Julian Assange, which read something like: you don't get to leak that many secrets without making a few enemies. I guess that would make for another good movie.

It opens up slowly with Zuckerberg getting dumped, and creating facesmash in anger at being jilted. Facesmash spiraled explosively and made waves in Harvard, crashing servers and almost getting him expelled.

The best part of this was probably when some old lady said "I'm sorry?" meaning 'pardon me?' and Zuckerberg took it to be an apology, and went with thank you. Badass-ery at its social network best some may say.

The plot takes place as sort of flashback, the real present is a settlement discussion between the three parties, the shiny Winklevosses twins played by a single guy, Eduardo who is played as Mark's friend and Mark of course.

As they bring out points for litigation and legal squabble with lawyers present, they dig back into the past to see what happened behind the creation of facebook. Winklevoss are delightfully played to be what the movie seems to intend as slightly moronic jocks who missed out on the chance of the life time with their pretty pathetic connect u quickly outshadowed by facebook. As mark puts it in his brazen way, if they had been capable of making facebook they would have done it already. Certain sms that have been acknowledge by facebook seems to indicate that the events for this part of the film wasn't as fictitious as it may have been.

You also discover that Mark had previously turned down a 2 million offer for Microsoft for one of his smaller projects, that he ended up releasing for free.

Later comes Sean Parker who in the movie precipitates the gap between Eduardo and Mark. He is played by Justin Timberlake, who may be familiar to the older ones among you. (joke) The real Sean Parker looks a bit more plump from the photos that you find looking and digging on the internet or that on wikipedia pages. He was nominated for a few awards for that. He did a pretty over the top portrayal.

Eventually Eduardo is ousted by some legal and business trickery, aided by what seems to be Peter Thiel's lawyers in their investment of 500,000 into facebook. The deteriorating relationship leads to the lawsuit.

Eduardo's share had been whittled from about a third in % to a fraction of one.

Their office is way swankier now even as a fuming Eduardo stomps out.

Along that time an intern gives Mark a package, it turns out to be a set of business cards.

The card reads I'm CEO, bitch. It makes for a pretty good t-shirt too. I guess for those of you out there who have incorporated your own companies this can serve as a pretty good inspiration!

After the celebration of facebook's 1 millionth member, Sean Parker ends up being arrested for cocaine possession, bringing down a few other facebook interns. He is later forced to step down from facebook.

The movie has been called a work of fiction by Mark Zuckerberg, but of course it still is an entertaining ride. It speaks well of the social platform that urban myths and legends about it have gotten their Hollywood movie treatment.

The ending of the film is probably fictitious, as netizens have unearthed Mark Zuckerberg's girlfriend in real life, a Harvard Medical Student who hails from China. Her name is Priscilla Chan. Facebook is still blocked in China so far.

According to the news reports, they made a trip down to Thailand recently to celebrate a person's wedding.

Even though it is fictitious it serves is purpose as a story with a moral to tell. At what cost would you let a friend down? Would you deliberately do it like the movie has?

If you are at all interested in facebook, even if you are one of the few people who do not use it today, it is still worth your time and money to watch it!

And the rest of the story, you would know today. Facebook has been implicitly evaluated by Goldman Sachs to be 50 million, only a few times less than the other juggernaut in tech that is Google.

Zuckerberg seems to have about 24% share currently at the end of 2010, which might make it out to a networth of more than 10 billion. He has also taken part in the giving pledge.

Many derivatives have also sprouted out from Facebook, from Zynga known for things like Farmville (which they based on a Chinese game in an impressive reverse action of what accusations are often lobbied at china) and Mafia Wars. Other game companies that are based on facebook social networking platform have also done very well, like Castle Age or Bejeweled from pop cap games. In fact Eduardo Saverin, who might not be as affable a person as he is portrayed in the movie, has actually moved on to developing facebook games and is developing them in the South East Asia region, working from Singapore to try to enter the Indonesian market. He currently owns about 5% of facebook which would be 5 times Goldman's stake, Eduardo being valued at probably 2.5 billion at the start of year 2011. According to critics of the film, Eduardo was not as close a friend in real life to Mark as the movie had made him out to be.

The Winklevosses have also unsuccessfully tried to appeal their 60+ million lawsuit settlement with facebook, but they have really done well at the olympics for America.

I guess for an alternative view of the events, one could read "the facebook effect", the book authorized by Zuckerberg.