Social Network Your Articles With Twitter Promotions

One way you can bring more Internet traffic to your writing and articles is to social network your articles with Twitter promotions.  When you write articles you will need to do extra work after completing them so you can bring viewers to your work and create excitement and genuine interest in what you are writing about.  When you use programs such as Twitter to promote your articles online you begin to generate some traffic to your work that would normally take extra time because your articles haven't been indexed by search engine programs such as Yahoo or better yet the largest search engine and the most popular one Google.

Twitter is a very popular social networking program that is used by millions of people around the world from all walks of life each and every day.  It is in your best interest as a writer to embrace technology such as Twitter so that you can keep up with the changing Internet.  In this article we will discuss some ways you can use Twitter promotions to get additional traffic and hits on your Internet writing.

Your Blog or Website

Many writers are also using blogs when they write articles online.  Blogs such as Blooger by Google now offer Twitter icons that you can click to promote your article after you have written the piece on your blog.  This makes it easy to promote each and every article that you write online.  Twitter promotions via blogs or Twitter icons on your website are an easy way to create interest about you as a writer.

You can create a blog or website about one specific topic and link your articles about this topic to your new site.  On your Twitter account you could link to this new blog or website so your readers could view your additional articles that you currently own.  When you promote the articles on Twitter you don't want to send constant and annoying messages to your followers all the time.  You should break up your article promotions with facts, interesting tidbits, and other information that your followers would find interesting.  When you do this your followers are more likely to click on one of your promoted articles and see what you're currently writing about the topic they are interested in.

How to do Twitter Promotions

But before you decide to start promoting your articles you need to keep a few things in mind.  When you create a Twitter account you should consider making an additional account or two for your article promotions.  When you get followers on Twitter you want them to follow you because they are interested in what you have to say.  For this reason you need to target your promotions to the right people.  So for example, if you write about guitars all the time you can create a Twitter account just for promoting your guitar oriented online articles.  If you're sending messages about weight loss to this account will not have as many followers and it will be difficult to get additional followers to your Twitter account.

Create Additional Twitter Accounts

For additional topics you can create another Twitter account so you can promote those articles on the site to other people and get additional traffic to your work.  The whole idea behind this concept is to not annoy your followers with constant messages and tweets about subjects that don't interest then in the least.  So when you do promotions you should only do a few at a time so you don't overwhelm people with what would be considered spam.

Gain Followers With Twitter Promotions

Promoting your articles with Twitter promotions is a great way to bring traffic to your online articles and other writing such as a blog.  Make sure that you do your promotions in the right way so that people gain interest in what you were saying and not become annoyed with your constant messages.  Create an account to promote a specific topic that relates to your articles.  This way you'll get more followers in interest and gain more credibility on Twitter.