Social media and your boss

In today’s world it is almost rare to find someone with access to a computer that does not have a social, networking account. There are plenty of websites from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Google+, and no matter which one you use you need to be careful about how you use it. Sure you want your account so that you can get a bit closer to your friends and to share some of your thoughts on it, but you should not share everything as it can have a negative impact in your life. Here are some things you should definitely keep away from social networks.

Social Networking And Your Job

You and your friends are not the only ones who are watching what you do in your social networking accounts. More employers and potential employers are taking a look at your profile and deciding if it is something they want the company associated with. It is also possible that you will make a joke and have someone you thought was a friend go to your boss and tell them what they saw on your social media account.

According to 37% of employers check social media before they hire a potential employee. From the same poll 34% of those who looked into social media said that they did not hire someone because of what they found there. Most of the employers do it to see if you handle yourself professionally… in your personal life. You can of course make your profile private and that may solve that issue, but some employers have been known to ask for your social media password to see what you post there.

Think Of It This Way

Though it may seem very intrusive for an employer to ask you for a social networking password at the moment there is nothing to stop them from doing so. Your profile online allows people to see everything you want them to see so if one of your posts is public it is almost as if you are screaming it to anyone that may come across it. Before you post anything in there you should ask yourself if it is something that you want the world to know about you. If it is not then it would be better to perhaps not post it at all.

Other People Looking At You

Your employer and potential employer are not the only people you may be uncomfortable with when they look at your profile. There are people like scam artists, sales firms, and even people whom you were once in a relationship with that may want to use the information to their advantage. The best way to make sure that your posts are not used against you is to make sure that you do not post more than you want to.

Some of the information that you should avoid including at all costs is your home address, your telephone number, compromising pictures, negative comments against a person you work with or your boss, threats to anyone and no public obscene comments. By avoiding all those things you will be able to enjoy social networking and not have it hurt you in the long run.