Social networking communities connect millions of people from all over the world. This fact alone already suggests that through the use of social networking communities, one may be able to promote his products and attract thousands of buyers, investors and even business partners. All this of course would depend on the networks you build in these communities. The larger the networks you build, the greater the potential of attracting more people.

                There are many different social networking communities available in the internet today. These different social networking communities usually serve different functions. Internet marketers would have to determine which functions are most appropriate functions to be used in order to maximize the exposure of their brand.

                Here are some functions that marketers can capitalize on along with tips they would find helpful in ensuring optimum promotion:

Event Publishing

                Event publishing is a function that allows users to schedule significant events that their brand will hold. These events include new innovation releases and livecasts. Submitting and publishing these events would surely attract many people as they will be more aware of the operations of your brand.

                Event publishing is a great way to continuously notify your networks of any upcoming event your brand has in store. If the events you publish are impressive, then you have the potential of attracting buyers and investors alike. This is a very good example of buzz marketing. In fact, it’s buzz marketing at its best.


                Livecasting refers to the process of broadcasting live videos on the internet for the purpose of sharing ideas and opinions, promoting a brand or product, conduct interviews and teaching or instructing about particular topics.

                Internet marketers can make use of social networking communities with livecasting functions to get in touch with their networks more. Livecasts can be scheduled and promote via event publishing so more interested users will be aware of these livecasts and watch it when it is scheduled.

                Social networking communities that offer livecasting functions have features that allow for that livecast to be recorded and saved for those who were not able to make the live preview. They also have features that allow the user to participate in the livecasts through chat boxes.

Media Sharing

                Media sharing is known to be the foundation, if not one of the foundations, of social bookmarking and networking. It all started with the simple concept of sharing photos, music and videos. Media sharing allows you to create profiles on media sharing websites and, well, share your media. Here, you get to interact with loads of people. If they find your media interesting, then you will get a lot of traffic for sure.


                Social networking communities can do wonders for your brand. But to be able to get the best traffic results, you have to do your part as well. You have to make sure that everything you publish will attract your target market which made easy with the help of social bookmarking tools like Bookmarking Demon. Social networking communities only offer the potential of gaining lots of web traffic. Whether or not you will truly experience this ultimately depends on the content you publish.