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Today many people are using social Medias as a form of connection but little do they know about social networking sites advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the each side of social media promotes a responsible use of social networking sites.


Whenever someone encounters the phrase “social networking sites advantages and disadvantages” it provokes many extreme reactions. Whether you like it or not, users (such as me and you) of social networking sites like the Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many others must aware of the social responsibilities we hold in using these web sites. True, they grant us freedom but freedom is a privilege and that privilege must be used wisely.

In The Beginning

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The rise of internet was phenomenal; it created a way for everyone on this planet to be involved with one another, understand each other and interact with each other. Let us say that the internet made the world into a one big village. Then it came - the social networking sites.

Social networking sites became the catalyst to draw each of us together to become closer. We can now make friends with different people, in different cultures and different languages. With the networking sites we became neighbors and because of this we must be aware of the social networking sites pros and cons to be socially responsible with our neighbors.


Connectivity is one of the social networking sites advantages and disadvantages. You might find my statement provocative because you are thinking of what is bad with being connected with your trusted friends, beloved family and relatives, your classmates and or work mates. Even if they are miles and continents away you don’t have to spend much just to extend a warm greeting to them or say hello.

Yes it is true that with social networking sites, you gain access to new friends, new faces to meet. You can even form relationships and find your perpetual partner with the help of social networking sites. But that is just half of the story. Are you aware that not all the persons in these sites not who really they are.

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I can never forget the story about that teenage girl who decided to meet up with a new friend from Facebook only to turn up a few days later on a creek naked, ravished and left for dead. Her family and friends were always wondering how beautiful and decent girl ends up like that. And as for the perpetrator, he was never found because no one knows him.  Isn’t that enough reason to know the social networking sites pros and cons?


Freedom of Expression

The internet and social networking sites offer individuals the freedom to express themselves but this too is one of the social networking sites pros and cons. How come, you may ask? Indeed, expressing our thoughts and opinion to things and ideas freely is a nice privilege to have.

As I have said and I’ll say it again expressing freely is a privilege so users have to be aware of the limit of what they are expressing. It is cruel to express our thoughts by blurting out words that may hurt the feelings of other people. Yes it may sometimes sound different when you hear it being said but there are times when these words can be painful when read. Sometimes malicious rumors are spread via social networking sites which can hurt not just an individual but a group as well.

Sharing of Information

The information on profiles is clearly one of the social networking sites advantages and disadvantages. Yes, you can tell everyone about you, about your family, about your company or even about what you ate last night. You tend to do this to share everyone in the social networking sites more about you. It is for them to get to know you better.

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But beware of this, information you share can be used against you, like burglary, theft and any other crimes. Even if you share the right information about yourself, others may prepare and forge their own online profiles to fool or dupe someone. I know this because I know someone who used to make false informations about him just to fool some rich guy into thinking that he is a beautiful and dainty girl. That rich guy was stricken with desire and did everything what that dupe asked him to do – asking for money to be exact.

Not only are the personal information shared in social networking sites but also videos, blog post and forums. True, sharing links in networking sites can be fun especially if those whom you shared with appreciate it. But what happens when the link shared to you contains malicious content or videos that show abuse whether animal or human. You find it unforgiving right.

Business Applications

The social networking sites advantages and disadvantages can be found as well when you use social networking sites for business purposes. Of course there is a clear advantage for this because there numerous things you can do with your business by using social networking sites.

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Social networking sites offer the opportunity to market your products and services at a low cost. It is a convenient way to interact with consumers to know their opinions and ideas about your product and your company. The best thing to do with social networking sites is you can easily organize events that can benefit your company.

The downside is social networking sites opens the company for destructive criticism and blatant abuse. Lies can easily spread about your company like wildfire licking dried twigs. Social networking sites can also be used in illegal businesses like online scams, illegal trafficking (drugs, goods and others) and as well as prostitution.

Time Consumption

Sometimes we use social networking sites just to kill time. There are time we use it as a peaceful and relaxing past time but there are others out there who abuse themselves by sitting in front of their desktop for many hours continuously clicking here and there - that is clearly a disadvantage. They think that the life they have in the social network is the real thing not the one in reality and they have to wake up before they become social outcasts in reality. This clearly states that the way we consume time for this can be social networking sites advantages and disadvantages.


In life whether in reality or in social networking sites nothing is without blemish, nothing is perfect. But as long as we are responsible in using our social media harsh repercussions can be avoided. Everyone can take advantage of the social networking phenomena. Once you understand the social networking sites advantages and disadvantages then you can click and type all you want.