One of the new buzz words online is tribes.  Everyone seems to be part of a tribe and if they aren’t they are looking for a tribe to join or are thinking of joining a tribe or they are trying to figure out what the heck a tribe is. 

Are you in the latter category?  Then this article is for you.

What are Tribes?

Tribes are groups of people that work together for a similar purpose. They are often based on social networking and social sharing but the members of the tribe make a commitment to each other before others. 

There are many different kinds of tribes.  There are blog tribes, YouTube tribes, article marketing tribes, masteMassai TribeCredit: tribes, and more.  They bring together groups of people that have a common interest - promoting their work via social sharing.

When you join a group tribe you must agree to follow their guidelines.  For example, you may agree that for every blog post or video or article that you share and want others to promote, you must do the same for at least to other links that are posted.  Most tribes require you to do two or three social shares.  That could mean tweeting the link, liking the link, or sharing the link on StumbleUpon, Amplify, or Pinterest.  Usually, comments are expected as well.

There are some tribes that are very large with many hundreds of tribe mates in them.  There are some that are smaller and limit the number of tribe members.  Some are informal, like the tribes you might find in Facebook groups.  Others are more formal like the tribes that you might find on  It is nice that there are so many kinds of tribes because then you can find one that is best suited to your personality.

Should You Join a Tribe?


I have had great experiences with tribes.  Not only do you get the added benefit of other giving your work more social shares (which can increase traffic and you rank in the search engines) but there are other things you should consider as well:

  • It is incentive to post new content.
  • You get to meet people you normally would not have met online.
  • You get to expand your network.
  • You will learn things that you never expected to learn.

Being part of a tribe is a great experience.  When I participated in two blogging contests last year, my tribe mates went all out to help me spread the word and get more social shares and they left loads of comments.  This is just one example of how your tribe can be beneficial

Tribes are a great place to find people to join in joint ventures with.  You may be interested in doing a group project or you might want to promote each other’s mailing lists.  You might find people that are interested in doing a variety of activities with you and they can help your online businesses grow.

Tribes are fun and it makes it so much easier to participate in social networking when you have a group of people that are doing it with you.  It is a great experience that anyone can benefit from.