Social Networking Websites-Every Pro Is Also A Con

If you asked a person to say one word that described a trend from 2006 to 2010 (and potentially onwards), almost everyone would say the word Facebook. However, it is not only Facebook that is dominating our current society, but all kinds of social networking websites. Social networking websites that are based on dating, sports, school, and various hobbies are becoming more popular every day! They are usually the first thing, and the last thing that people visit when using the internet on their computer.

However, with all of this hype about social networking websites, you must stop and ask yourself the question: are they really that great, or is this simply a fad that will pass? One thing that remains true is that good things last long; social networking websites have been popular for about 5 years now, but that is not long enough to determine whether or not they are really as great as people make them out to be. It seems as if the only way to effectively answer this question is to weigh out the pros and cons, and make a decision based on that; after reading this article, you will have a different perspective on social networking websites as you will see that every pro is also a con.

Share Pictures And Thoughts

This is a pro of social networking websites in the sense that you can share things with everybody that you are friends with on the website. If your daughter just got baptized and you would like everyone to see the pictures, you can post an album of the pictures on the website so that everybody can see; if you just saw a great television show and wanted to let everybody know about it you could simply post your thought for everyone to see. These things would involve much more work if you were to do them without a social networking website; you would have to email them to every single individual.

This is also a con of social networking websites in the sense that there is only a limited amount of privacy on the pictures and thoughts that you may share. You may not want your ex-wife to see the pictures that you posted from your second wedding as she may not be too pleased. There are certain restrictions that you can place so that only certain people can view certain things; however, they still have a greater chance of seeing viewing those pictures or thoughts than if they weren't on the social networking website.

Can Easily Connect With Otherwise Unreachable Friends

This is a pro of social networking websites in the sense that you can easily reconnect with people that would be otherwise unreachable. Social networking websites promote the idea of reconnecting with old friends; you can easily reach your old best friend from elementary school that moved when you were in grade 4. It is not true that your old friend would have been completely unreachable without the invention of social networking websites, but rather it would be much harder to find them. All you would have to do on Facebook is simply type in their name with ease to find them; whereas, without social networking websites you would have to scavenge through various telephone books and directories before you even get a hold of their phone number.

This is also a con of social networking websites in the sense that old enemies may be able to reach you. That ex-boyfriend who had stalker-like qualities from your first year of college may now be able to reach you with the click of a mouse. Whereas, prior to social networking websites he would have to go to great extents to reach you, in which he would probably figure wasn't worth the difficulty.

This factor of social networking websites can be a pro if used in good ways; however, when it is taken advantage of, it can easily be perceived as a con.

Message Others With Ease

This is a pro of social networking websites in the sense that you can easily message your friends without having to get their email address, home address, or phone number; this can be especially helpful because some people change their email addresses and phone numbers relatively often. Instead of having to update you phone or address book, you can simply type in their name on the website and send a message to them. Some social networking websites like Facebook have even integrated a new instant messaging chat application, which makes it even easier to message everyone. This is a pro because it gives you a way to contact your friends that doesn't expire or change; it can be thought of as a universal contact method.

This is also a con of social networking websites because it limits the need for face-to-face contact, or even voice-to-voice contact through its ease of messaging. Most people spoke to their friends in ways other than messaging more than twice as much before the invention of social networking websites; however, most of their conversations are now being held through inboxes and outboxes of the social networking websites. This is a con because it limits the absolute need to call or visit somebody by allowing for instant and personal messages through the social networking website.

Solve Boredom

This is a pro for social networking websites in the sense that it is more productive, interactive, and educational than simply watching cable. Most people that use social networking websites will tell you that they enjoy surfing through their friends profiles much more than watching a movie or television show that they are interested in. It is the perfect solution for boredom because it always has entertaining stuff to view, and is constantly updated if your friends list is large enough.

This is also a con of social networking websites because the solution to boredom that it provides is so enjoyable that it can be considered nearly addictive. Most people that enjoy surfing Facebook enough on their free time will soon find themselves running late for work or an event simply because they had to finish viewing that persons profile before they could leave their house. If social networking websites mostly offered things that were productive enough to warrant being late for work, it would be acceptable; however, most of the content on the website is simply for entertainment and not productivity. This boredom solving aspect of social networking websites becomes a con when it interferes with your other commitments in life.

Social networking websites are the new trend of our society; they have been popular for about 5 years, and surely will only grow in popularity as time goes on. Many of the aspects mentioned above are what have made them popular; however, all of them that are considered pros of the website, can also be considered cons. Whether or not social network websites become an everlasting part of our life greatly depends on how much the pros of the aspects outweigh the cons; what is even more surprising about it is that us, as the users, control the extent to which those aspects become pros or cons of the will you use your social networking website?