Are you involved in a network marketing program? Then one of the best tools you can have is the new social networking websites. Social networking allows you to take your network marketing to a whole new level! Gone are the days of bugging friends and family to join your program and facing one rejection after the next – use tools such as social networking to attract the right people to your network marketing program.

Social Networking – The World is Your Friend!

Social networking has made it possible to make friends far and wide; even people who don't know you offline at all can find each other through common interests. This is really where it becomes so powerful for network marketers. You can find people who are interested in network marketing online, make friends with them and then they will be a lot more interested in learning about your program then friends and family who believe 'MLM is all just a big scam anyway'.

Multiply Your Time

One of the biggest problems with the old system of network marketing is that you just never had enough time. I mean you can only visit so many people in one day and unfortunately, according to the old system, most of those were rejections. Today you can 'meet' with unlimited numbers of people who come to view your profile and so your time is multiplied dozens of times over. Now you can not only reach more people but you also stand a greater chance of them joining your program by attracting people who really are interested.

Taking Them beyond Your Social Networking Profiles

Social networking profiles are the best place to find and begin the process of network marketing online, but at some point you need to move beyond this – take them to a website where you can capture their email addresses. Your social networking profile should introduce the program – either in your about us section or as a shared link, etc. and then people who are interested should be given the option of visiting your website to request more information – don't share everything on your social networking profile or it could get irritating for those who are not interested in 'MLM scams'.

Capture Their Emails to Continue Communication

Once someone has clicked through from your social networking profile, you should immediately capture their email address so that you can continue following up on them. By this stage they have already expressed an interest and told you they don't believe that all network marketing is just a scam so you are free to pursue the relationship with them and tell them more about what you have to offer. This is where you can improve your chances of people joining your program even more.

Network marketing has changed substantially due to the introduction of social networking and other social media websites now available and this can be a great boon to the network marketer who now has more time plus pre-qualified leads to follow and the chances of signing people up become so much greater.