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Social networking is definitely a must online. Everyone seems to have an account in at least one social network site these days. Young or old, male or female, and everyone else in between are either logging online exclusively due to social network sites or will not be satisfied with Internet usage without checking their social network site accounts.

Activities associated with social networking sites have been automatic that we sometimes assume that social networking is limited alone to such activities. In Facebook for example, we normally read status and flip through pictures of friends. Since that’s what can normally be done in the site, we are made to believe that social networking can offer nothing else other than such activities. So we browse through a seemingly endless list of friends and view their photos or read their status posts.

On the contrary, social networking is more than about reading statuses and flipping through pictures. Social networking must allow users to create a network of family, relatives, friends, classmates, workmates, and even acquaintances for any other purposes other than checking each other’s current status or viewing pictures. Social networking is about networking for many other reasons. Thus, other activities and options should also be available. Some of such activities include posting videos, polls, quizzes, apps, events, pages or links, business listings, blogs, and forum.

Personal and commercial social networking

Social networking is definitely personal. We find new friends and connect with old ones through these sites. But social networking can also be commercial in nature. It can be utilized by schools, work places, businesses institutions, and even public or government offices for business or private purposes. Through social networking, we can initiate and establish connections with potential clients or customers for our brand or business.

In schools, students and teachers can use social networking as a scholastic portal to post about lessons, examinations, projects, and more. In work places, it can act as a bulletin board for announcements and a medium for communication among employees and employers. Government and public offices on the other hand can utilize social networking for public service announcements, create polls for public awareness or to acquire relevant opinion, encourage resident participation through comments and suggestions, and also as a communication portal. Other institutions such as organizations, foundations, etc. can also make use of social network sites in a similar manner as the ones mentioned above. Lastly, businesses can post about their products and services and gain new customers or clients through social networking.

Interesify social network site


If there’s any site which offers more than the usual social networking that we know of, it is Interesify. This site lets you connect and communicate with new as well as old friends. But other than that, you can also engage in other activities including posting or viewing photos, videos, music, apps, pages, polls, quizzes, events, blogs, and business listings. There is also a forum where you can discuss varying topics with other members of the site. Interesify incorporates features available in various sites including eBay, social TV, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

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