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Let's get the facts straight.

   Don't you just miss the old days when you actually talked to someone face to face, probably not. With all this high tech socializing, you don't even need to get out of your house, let alone your chair. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, where updating your status is just a click away, and chatting with someone could be as easy as turning on your webcam and blabbering about gossip and whatnot, or just tap your finger and get in a facetime. When I look at it from this point of view, I feel us humans are turning into lazy couch potatoes, losing/desensitizing our social skills, wasting loads of our time and losing our anonymity. That seems like an exaggeration for talking to someone over instant chat, but if you read on, you'll see the stuff you’re really getting into.

Is it affecting your health?

     Whether you’re in America or not, you've probably heard of the stereotype that all Americans are fat, stupid and lazy (If you haven't, please go outside and come back to reality). This is partially true because 63.1% of adults in the United States are either overweight or obese (36.6% overweight & 26.5% obese). Not to mention this is an increasing percentage. I don't believe it’s just Social Networking that’s causing this, because there are bigger causes out there, but it’s having an effect. I wonder what causes this. You’re chatting all day with your friends and updating your twitter. Guess there's no time to make any food, might as well just eat these chips. Err, I have soccer practice today, but my friend needs to talk to me about something important. Now, this is a very biased scenario, but milder forms of this do occur a lot.

It's degrading the English language.

"hai whts up". I wouldn't be surprised if you have read this, the most generic and annoying conversation starter. Following "heeeeeeey / hiiiiii how r u?” If you type like this, at least use the spell checker. It's pre-installed on Google chrome. It needs you, go get it! Else, please go outside or buy a person, who types for you, I can't stand this nonsense. Killing my brain cells, what's wrong with you! If you can't take 5 seconds to look over your horrible little message for grammar, please get off the Internet and never come back. We don't need people like you. Don’t say that the human mind can read words based on the first and last letter, because that’s a lie. Don’t believe me?

Affecting our social lives?

Ironic isn't it?

    You’re living your life online, and you’re not caring about your real life. Possibly because you’re ashamed of yourself or because of things that are happening and making you feel stressed/depressed/scared/etc. and you want to escape from reality. Please, make this a last resort. Go outside, get "friends", and talk to someone, IN REAL LIFE! If you’re using it as a resource to break up, trust me, better do it in real life. No cheesy lines on FB Chat. Lay it hard in real life, they can take it. Not to mention, there is no such thing as social networking anymore. It’s all about having lots of friends; posting "sexy" pictures of yourself and saying your ugly so people pity you and say you look good (Looks like you’re a attention whore with low self-esteem), and posting random garbage to make yourself seem cool when it doesn’t do anything but degrade your reputation.

Security concerns

 You might think you're so secure using the security settings. But you’re really not. All they need to do is your email address linked with your social network, and boom, you’re done. All they have to do is a little doxing and your identity is found. Where you live, your number and everything. They could even put in your username and it could be linked in a chain to your social network.


     Bottom line is social networking is okay, but you shouldn't overuse it / get addicted to it. Such as losing grasp on reality like some tweetdicts. Sharing everyone moment of your life from waking up to taking a nap.