Drop Out

There was a movement in the 70's or 80's where successful business people were quitting their jobs, dropping out, moving to the boonies, becoming entrepreneurs, and selling their home-made jams and jellies. The impetus for the movement was a much too crazy, fast paced corporate life, one that demanded networking and constant communication. Nothing has changed much since those upwardly mobile types got out of dodge. Life is still hectic and becoming even more-so with the advent of social networking.

The exodus from the corporate world years ago is now being replicated online by members of social networks, people who are beginning to realize they can't keep up online and still find time for families, jobs and other real-world responsibilities. These people feel pressured to participate and to maintain artificial friendships, to join more networks, to reciprocate the tags, pokes and hugs of online friends. It's all too much now and they want out. They just don't know how to go about it. If you're one of these people, read on for a solution.

Lose Friends and Get a Life
Suicidemachine is a humorous website with a serious mission. It was designed to help you get off the bus Gus, and set yourself free from social networks.

The Suicidemachine Web2.o program is the brainchild of two young men from Holland who enjoy a very macabre humor. Go to their page and you'll find it chock full of funny suicide metaphors, along with a list of Who's Who in social network suiciders. Don't be fooled by comic phrases like "sign out forever" or the noose image that accompanies the "commit" button that must be clicked to begin the suicide process. This program is as serious as a heart attack and will turn your personal data into dust on the sites of your choice. To quote them, "This machine lets you delete all your energy sucking social-networking profiles."

The free Web2.0 suicidemachine appeared recently on an episode of South Park but you can view it on their web page. Use the program to exit all your networking sites or only one. The program runs with Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and LinkedIn with more sites promised in the future. Follow the onscreen instructions and your virtual self will vanish. The amount of time it takes to extricate your files from the networks will be determined by the number of friends and photos you've accumulated.

The Suicidemachine went online in December 2009, much to the dismay of Face Book and other similar sites. As you can imagine, they weren't too happy to see members disappearing from their ranks, or knowing that this program is able to go into their servers and snatch up information. Face Book sent them a cease and desist letter (you can download it from Suicidemachine's site) that had little impact since U.S. laws don't hold up in Holland where the server is located. Logically, Face Book has tried to block their connections but they haven't had much success.

We all have different reasons for joining social networks. But membership shouldn't be a burden. If you're socially burned out, if you want to end it all and kill your online self, you don't need Jack Kevorkian. Get unfriended and unplugged by checking out this program. Go to the site to read all the gory details for your virtual demise.