Socialized Medicine will Destroy the United States

As the Obama administration attempts to move the United States toward socialized medicine, the future of our nation hangs in the balance.

Socialized Medicine is Unconstitutional

Constitutional mandates permit the federal government to enjoy powers over some parts of everyday life, but certainly not medicine or health care. There is no constitutional amendment that remotely touches on health care in any way.

Health Care Belongs in the Private Sector, not the Public Sector

Private businesses cannot compete in a market dominated by a conglomerate with a bottomless checkbook. The Federal Government has no motive to generate a profit or even to break even. Our current administration is only too quick to increase the deficit by borrowing from foreign sources with no plan for repayment. No private insurance company or hospital has such a luxury. Any company that answers to shareholders or investors cannot possibly survive against bureaucrats with little or no medical experience who take their direction from federal regulations. Eventually all the private insurers will fail, resulting in more lost jobs and additional economic shrinkage.

A Shortage of Doctors Will Result

It's hard to become a doctor. Few people are qualified or motivated to put forth the effort. Why bother to do so, when the government plans to mandate what you can earn, where you can practice, and who you can treat? An entrepreneurial physician has almost no limit on his or her earnings. Rewards are commensurate with risks. Socialized medicine removes motivation to innovate or take risks.

A Shortage of Medical Equipment and Services Will Result

Some, but not all, of the current health care system is profit motivated. An entrepreneur has the freedom to perform a market analysis and open an MRI clinic in a strip mall, if the effort appears to have a financial pay off. When the government steps in, services such as MRIs and CAT scans will be meted out by federal regulations. The average wait for a CAT scan in Canada is two months. Many Canadians drive over the border into the US to avoid the wait.

The Elderly Will be Victims of Discrimination

Health care will be rationed according to Byzantine rules and regulations typical of the Federal Government. Patients with a lower quality of life will be discriminated against in favor of younger citizens who need similar treatments. Allowing bearcats to apportion life-saving procedures and treatments is unthinkable.

The Government Will Control 16% of the Economy

Goods and services related to health care comprise an amazing 16% of the economy. Giving the Federal Government control of such a mammoth expenditure can only result in higher taxes. In order to fund that 16% from tax revenue, about 2 trillion dollars per year must be raised (2 trillion is 2 thousand billion).

Your Privacy Will Disolve

In order to (ostensibly) lower health care costs, the Federal Government will assemble a massive centralized database consisting of health records for everyone in the United States. Data will be used to portion out appointments with specialists, surgery, physical therapy, and medicine. Doctors will be subject to the whims of a computer when writing prescriptions or physical therapy. If the computer decides you're too old and that younger patients would realize greater benefit, you may not get the hip replacement your doctor wants you to have.