As a culture, we are changing the way we go about things due to society and cell phone use. Society has become completely dependent on mobile phones for every aspect of their being. Instant, wireless, vocal communication is the driving force behind swift changes in our modern world. Society has adapted to the point where we need cell phones in our lives to function. There are many ways that the technology of cell phones is making society seem completely weird. We no longer function the way we did in the days of the telephone, and we have picked up a number of odd or rude traits due to the widespread popularity of the cell phone. Society is consistently decreasing awareness to the rules of etiquette for cell phone use, and in many ways, cell phones can even be dangerous to our being.
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The first example that I would like to list, is talking and texting while driving. It's gotten to the point where laws have had to be enforced due to many wrecks and casualties on the road due to cell phone use. Society and cell phones don't seem like a beneficial combination if the cell phone makes society ignorant of their own safety. Every other car you pass has a person chatting away on the cell phone and ignoring the rules of the road. This has gotten to be such an extensive problem that "Death By Cell Phone" public service campaigns have had to be aired, and traffic violations have had to be imposed. It shows the negative effect of cell phone usage on society by the simple factor that risking our lives for communication while driving has become a popular standard amongst motorists. In order to ignore the millions of hazards that exist on the road, to simply type a text message to a friend, you have to temporarily lose value in your own life. This has become a standard for the typical driver, and is a prime example on how cell phones are hurting society.
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The second example of how cell phones and society correlate is the added rudeness that cell phones typically bring. There have been thousands of times when I'm telling a story to someone, and I'm cut off mid sentence when someone pulls their cell phone out of their pocket and starts texting. It's almost to a point where people no longer see this as rude, but a standard in the communication experience. By pulling your cell phone out and having another conversation with someone else, you are completely ignoring the original conversation that you were a part of. It is impossible to multi-task and achieve full awareness in a real life conversation when you're constantly switching gears to punching keys to converse with someone else. This is terrible cell phone etiquette and should be seen as being completely rude. It's becoming more and more prominent to focus more on cell phone communication instead of actual human interaction. Many people prefer text messaging way more than actually meeting in person and talking back and forth. The cell phone is killing societies tradition of human interaction, and replacing it with something way less personal.
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The last example that I'm going to state on how cell phones and society react together, is the simple fact that cell phones are making us extremely weird. By weird, I'm not stating a simple stumbling block that comes along with the new technology, I'm stating the ultimate factor of weird that will never be normal no matter how long it takes place amongst society. There are several small ticks that people due in accordance with cell phone use that aren't normal in any sort of fashion, all you have to do is actually open your eyes and notice. I'm going to start this off by commentating on text messaging once again. You see people walking around the mall constantly with their faces glued to their phone screens, oblivious to anything that's going on around them. I understand simply typing a text messaging and then pocketing your phone, but there are some people who honestly are constantly texting, or staring at their screens waiting for a reply. There are so many people who abuse the system of text messaging, as they are constantly trying to have day long conversations that never end. After you send a message, you automatically get a message back, and if you don't respond within 5 minutes, they'll reply with "Are you there???". This complete attachment that some members in society have with cell phone use is disturbing to almost any level. I've woken up to a barrage of 8 or 9 messages from the same person before, wondering why I had not responded. This dependency is weird, but what's weirder is that those who want constant text messaging typically never call. If you're wondering why someone hasn't responded immediately, you could always simply call their cell phone. The problem is, text messaging is making the majority of people extremely weird about talking on the phone.
I remember growing up before the explosion of widespread text messaging, and calling people to have conversation. These conversations would often last hours as we were all able to talk about everything the world and keep the awesome flow of interesting discussion flowing. Now, people act so weird and awkward on the phone when you try to call about anything. It's as if people have lost all vocal communication skill and have replaced it with the thumb pounding disease of texting.

Cell phones and society are also weird, because people do really absurd things when they talk on the cell phone. If someone is standing up and they start talking on the cell phone, they might walk in circles. This is a weird behavior I've noticed amongst friends and family. When they start discussing something on the phone, they immediately start walking in no specific direction, and not too far away. Next time you're around someone who answers their cell phone and has walking room, notice the weird aimless patterns that they walk. The only thing that I can link this to, is the repetitive twirl of a phone cord back in the ancient days of the land-line telephone.

These are all ways that society and cell phones link together. I suppose it's important to start searching for some sort of clarity for negative behaviors that can be attributed to cell phone use. We are still in the early stages as a society with cell phones, so we need to learn how to cancel out the problems as technology continues to grow.