Baked Salmon Fillet

              Sockeye salmon are known for their red flesh and appealing taste.  Also known as “Red” salmon, Sockeye salmon are abundant in the state of Alaska.  Every summer, fishermen come from around the world to capture these fish in both sport and commercial fisheries.  These fishermen are chasing one of the most beautiful and tasty fish that swim in the ocean.  If you are not familiar with the appearance of the Sockeye salmon do not be fooled by its nickname “Red” salmon.  Yes Sockeye salmon do turn red, but this occurs during the time the fish is spawning.  You will want to eat this salmon while it still has its infamous bright silver color to it.  Again, for the best taste, do not eat when the outside color of the salmon is red.

                If you are looking for a fast and simple sockeye salmon recipe you are in the right place.  When it comes to taste there is no need to spend hours fixing a recipe to cook this type of salmon.  The natural fats and oils in the salmon alone will account for a satisfying taste.  Keep it simple and you will be happy with the outcome.  All you will need for this recipe are the following.



1)      Sockeye salmon fillet, preferably with the pin bones already removed

2)      Teriyaki cooking sauce/marinade

3)      Butter

4)      Aluminum Foil

Sockeye Salmon Recipe
Credit: MichaelJ

              To prepare the recipe first align your cooking pan with aluminum foil.  This is a must; trying to clean cooked salmon skin from a pan is not fun.  To make it easier on yourself cover the bottom and sides of your cooking pan with the aluminum foil.  Next you will want to place you sockeye salmon fillet into your cooking pan.  It is crucial to always put your fillet skin side down.  This way the skin will be sitting on the aluminum foil.  Now it is time to add the teriyaki cooking sauce/marinade.  For best results use teriyaki that has been chilled in your refrigerator for at least 24 hours.  The sauce will be thick and will stick to the fillet.  Do not be light on the teriyaki.  Make sure the fillet has been completely covered.  Having extra teriyaki in the cooking pan is not a problem.  Add butter to the fillet as you desire.  For best results line your fillet with 3 separate ½ teaspoon size dabs of butter.  As the fillet cooks the butter will mix in with the teriyaki and run all over your fillet.  Cook the salmon at 375 degrees for 25 minutes.  The recipe is summed up below:



1)      Align cooking pan with aluminum foil

2)      Place sockeye salmon fillet into cooking pan

3)      Cover fillet with teriyaki sauce/marinade

4)      Align 5 teaspoon size dabs of butter across your fillet

5)      Cook at 375 degrees for 25 minutes

Sockeye Salmon Baked Fillet
Credit: MichaelJ

               Enjoy and please try to share.

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