sodastream review

Sodastream got into a bit of a quarrel with soda giant Coca Cola over a controversial "cage" exhibit, which demonstrates how bottles of Coke can be damaging to the environment. Well, if you are a soda lover, then you would be interested to read more about what the fuzz is about. However, this article will be focusing on the differences between the two brands, instead of the company war ongoing between the two.


Sodastream is a revolutionary product that comes as a complete set of soda-making equipment. It consists of a soda maker, bottles, flavors, and a carbonator. The fun thing about the product is you get to experience the creation of soda right inside your home. The downside is the price that comes with it.

Nonetheless, the high cost of the entire set becomes less of a worry in the long run. As long as you have the entire soda making set, you can easily make soda for less than the price of regular soda you buy on the grocery stores. In fact, you have a whole set of different flavors t o choose from as well. After making carbonated water, you can add any flavor you like.

It only takes a few minutes to prepare the soda. Instead of going to the grocery store to buy a bottle of soda, simply spend a few minutes in the kitchen to prepare one. Although it may seem like a hassle to some people, it is fun to do. You can even prepare extra bottles of soda and have it refrigerated for future consumption. 


Coke has been around for many years and many people are already familiar with its taste. The good thing about the product is that it is everywhere. You can go to almost any grocery store and find one. In fact, you do not need to prepare the soda yourself. You simply buy the product and drink it right away.

For people who prefer to open a bottle of ready-made soda, Coke is a good choice. No hassles involved. Nonetheless, it has its environmental hazards, which was made clear by the Sodastream "cage" exhibit and demonstration. Piling up hundreds of bottles of Coke is not totally environmental-friendly. However, the bottles can be recycled.


Sodastream provides an environmentally friendly way of drinking soda by providing a soda-making kit. This gets rid of the necessity to buy a different bottle for every liter or two of soda. Nonetheless, it does require the consumer to make his or her soda every time he or she wants to have a drink.


The price of the Sodastream kit may be expensive, but that is only when you buy the entire kit. The succeeding bottles of soda you make will not cost as much. In fact, it allows you to save money, while helping the environment. For those who do not want to go through the hassle of making soda, buy ready-made Coke instead.