Sodium lauryl sulfate is arguably the number one cause for those with sensitive skin. If you're looking for a good toothpaste for sensitive teeth, then the first thing to look for is some of the  brands that sell toothpastes without this cleaning solution in it. A sodium lauryl sulfate free toothpaste can really make a difference in providing less irritable gums, teeth, and help regain your strong and healthy oral hygiene back. There are some recommended and top selling brands to shop by, that sell completely free sodium lauryl sulfate products. However, first take a look at some of the dangers of this cleaning chemical, and why you should consider switching to a safer and healthier toothpaste.

The Dangers of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate is found in quite a few home cleaning appliances. It's known as a foaming agent that's used to clean garage doors, floors, cars, and buildings. It's also found in hygiene products like moisturizers, soaps, shampoos, and shaving creams. This cleaning substance is a very dangerous chemical to use on our skin. Using SLS might strip away lipids in the skin, which can cause dry skin and skin irritaiton. SLS might be one of the most dangerous toxins to use for our skin. More than ever, it is important to find shampoos, moisturizers, soaps, shaving creams, and sodium lauryl sulfate free toothpaste brands to protect the skin and prevent less irritation. According to studies, those who used SLS free toothpaste brands were 81% less likely to develop canker sores.

Canker sores, known as aphthous ulcers are one of the known side effects of using a SLS toothpaste. However, there are other potential dangerous side effects as well. SLS can be dangerous for our teeth, and can weaken the enamel. Bleeding gums can potentially become a problem when using harmful toxins like fluorine and SLS. So why is sodium lauryl sulfate is used? As a cleaning agent for your household, it is great at getting rid of other toxic fumes. However, since itself is a toxic, using it for our teeth, skin, and hair can lead to harmful side effect. For toothpastes, shaving creams, and other hygiene products use SLS to thicken and provide foam for these hygiene products. Also SLS is known to be a dispersal agent.

Now that you realize the potential dangers and skin irritation that comes for SLS, let's take a look at some of the sodium lauryl sulfate free toothpaste brands to purchase online.

Non Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Toothpaste Brands

Tom's of Maine's - Tom's of Main's is a great toothpaste herbal brand for those with sensitive teeth. Natural ingredients are used to maintain strong gums, and prevent against gingivitis. The best Tom's of Main's product is the fluoride free wintermint tooth paste. The Spearmint is a good one to use. Some of Tom's of Main's products do use fluorine, though. However, these two toothpastes are fluoride free for those who are also looking for a fluorine free toothpaste as well. Key ingredients include xylitol, extracted licorice root, and aloe vera leaf juice. You can find a lot of different Tom's of Main's toothpaste brands being sold online. You can also go to Tom's of Main's website to find the right kind of toothpaste that you need to protect your teeth.


Auromere - Auromere is good SLS free toothpaste brand that you can use for sensitive teeth. No fluoride, gluten, artificial sweeteners, dyes, bleaches, or animal ingredients are included. 24 different barks, roots, plants and flowers are found in the toothpaste. The cardamon fennel is the main ingredient included. Auromere toothpastes contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, astringent, and antiseptic properties. It can prevent cavities, halitosis, plaque buildup, and can reduce the chance or irritation on the gums and teeth. Prices are cheap and reasonable. You can find most of these Auromere toothpastes going for prices around or under five dollars online. National supplement center has a good deal going on Auromere toothpastes.

Auromere Herbal Toothpaste, Original Licorice, 4.16-Ounces (Pack of 4)
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The Natural Dentist - The herbal toothpaste and gum therapy by the Natural Dentist doesn't contain SLS or fluorine. It's another recommended natural organic toothpaste brand to shop by. It's only being sold online at vitamin buddy. There might be other similar named toothpastes that you can easily get mistaken for this one. However, shop online at vitamin buddy if you're looking for the SLS free one. There are two different toothpastes to purchase. The fluorine free one does have SLS in it. The SLS free one will say so on the box.. Some organic and natural ingredients included are aloe vera gel, echinacea, peppermint, spearmint, calendula, grapefruit seed extract, vegetable glycerin, and calcium carbonate.