Sofia the First Games for Preschoolers Require No Reading

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Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around playing games. My mom used to play Concentration with a green and lube back deck of cards. We would sit on her bed and play for a long time. When I went to my friend Lori's house, we would play Hi, Ho Cherrio!, which was one of my childhood favorites. My mom never bought that one for us because she thought we would choke on the tiny cherry game pieces.

I spent many hours of my childhood playing Hands Down, Operation, Candyland and Chutes and Ladders when I was a young child. When I got older, Clue, Battleship and Monopoly were my board games of choice.

When I became a mother, I spent hours and hours on the floor playing all kinds of preschool games with my children. I wanted them to have the same great memories that I had with my mom.

One things that children have today that I did not was character games. Fans of the Disney Junior program Sofia the First can play the classics I did when I grew up in the 1970's, and they feature her royal highness.

Why You Should Be Playing Games With Your Preschoolers

Of course, one of the most important benefits of playing games with your children is the time spent together. Put down the phone, turn off the television and just focus on the time you are with each other. There is no rewind button and you will never get these precious preschool years back.

Many skills are taught through playing. First, there is following directions. Kids cannot just make up random rules as they go along, they have to follow the guidelines the creators of the game have made.  No one wants to play with someone who keeps changing the rules, and that is true when you are a child as well as when you are an adult.Sofia the First Matching GameCredit:

Children also learn patience and turn taking. A child has to wait until every other player has had their turn before s/he can go again. It isn't all about them. Other skills game playing teaches children are sequencing and playing in order.

Games also teach gentle lessons about surprises and disappointments. For example, Chutes and Ladders and Candyland can send a child backwards and begin from start all over again. Just like life, sometimes you have to go back to the beginning and do it over or do it differently.

This time together is also an opportunity to teach children about being good winners and how not to be a sore loser. Sure, it is hard when your sibling wins, but in life, you do not win at everything.

Matching Games Promote Memory Skills

Sofia the First Matching Game
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Children love to play the game of Memory. It is easy to start them with three or four pairs to match up and then work your way up to more. Finding their favorite characters is an enjoyable task for children, especially when they feature Disney ones.

Sofia the First Surprise Slides Game

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Sofia is a little princess who likes to play. Whether she is having fun with her step-siblings Amber and James, spending time with her new school friends who are princesses, hanging with her old besties Jade and Ruby, Sofia likes to spend time the same way other children who age do.

Of course, everything is featured in Sofia's trademark color, purple. These are all age appropriate and will provide your child and you with many hours of fun and learning.

The Princess Sofia Surprise Slides Board game is bright and colorful.  It comes with the board, a spinner, four characters and is for children ages 3 and up.  Players can flip things around when the spinner is landed on that instruction.  Because James, Sofia's step-brother is included, boys will not mind playing this game, too.

Teach Manners and Have Fun

Sofia The First Magical Tea Time Game, Pink
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Teaching children manners need not be a tedious or laborious task. It is not like you sit them down with flashcards, drill them, and hope they pass the test. Teaching manners is an ongoing process that takes years of correction and modeling good examples.

Tea time is a fun time in the Enchancia palace in which Sofia lives. Many little girls love to play tea party. Combine these two elements and you have the Magical Tea Time Game. The color of the tea changes when the pot blows into the water.

Board Games Versus Computer Games

All things in moderation

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Growing up as the last of the Baby Boomers, we did not have hand held video games or computers to keep us busy. When we played games, it was with another person and not by ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with hand held video games...what is wrong is how they are used to pacify children so that they will leave adults alone.  The LeapFrog Sofia the First bundle is a fun way for girls to pass the time once in a while, but not every day for hours on end.  Many of the games that can be uploaded to this device are indeed learning games, but nothing can substitute a parent or special adult for being the best teacher of all.


While it is easier to hand a child a LeapFrog or let them go to the Disney website and play games so they will leave you alone, please only do this as a special treat or reward. Time flies by so quickly, and before you know it, your child won't want to play with you...she would rather hang out with her friends. Trust me, you will get your time to be by yourself eventually. Enjoy your little one for as long as you can.

Go to Royal Prep Academy With Sofia

Princess Sofia Royal Prep Academy Board Game
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This game is three dimensional. Children can go in and out of rooms at Royal Prep in this two player game.