There are different types of dog crates available in the market. There are those that are made from metal wires while there are those made in plastic. An option that is rising above the other alternatives is the soft sided dog crates. In this article, you will learn:

  1. Why these crates are sought after
  2. How to select the right crate for your dog


With too many crates available in the market, it makes it difficult for dog owners like us to come up with a decision. Read this article so you will know whether or not buying a soft sided dog crate is worthy of your time and resources.


Soft sided dog crates are becoming the favorite or preferred option by most dog owners because of the following reasons:

  • Portability – they are lightweight compared to their metal and plastic counterparts. Because of this feature, you can carry your crate anywhere. This is most useful for dog owners who travel a lot. This way, you don't have to leave your dog behind while you are out vacationing. This attribute helps you to easily transfer your crate from the house to your car since they have less weight compared to the other products.
  • Well-ventilated – since they are commonly made with mesh side panels, your dogs are well-ventilated. This will make your dog feel like he's just at home and lounging in his dog pen. Because of the mesh, he can get a tourist view of his surroundings. This will make him feel comfortable instead of feeling trapped.
  • Stores easily – since they are made with soft materials, they fold for easy storage. With this feature, you can just store your crate under the bed or inside your cabinet when they are not in use.
  • Safe – since they do not have hard wires, the tendency to injure your puppies is lessened.
  • Trendy and colorful – there is a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. In a way, this dog crate acts as your dog's nursery. Cute, don't you think?


Aside from the type of crate, it is also important that you pick out the right size for your doggie. Make sure the pick out one that can accommodate your dog even if he stands up or lies down. He should be able to turn around or stretch his legs. Be careful also not to buy one that's too large because he will transform the large area as his comfort room. To be sure of your crate size, you can measure your dog in two ways. First, you should measure him from nose to tail. Add one to two inches to the measurement to get the right length and width for the ideal crate. Next, you should measure from the floor to your dog's head. Your chosen crate should not exceed 5 inches of your dog's head when they stand up.


Soft sided dog crates are popular for many dog owners because of the reason mentioned above. What about you? What do you think of this product? If you need more information about soft sided dog crates, you can get them just by browsing many dog care sites. You can also share this article with others so you can help other dog owners as well. Take care!