Get the Most From Softaculous with a License

To get the most out of the Softaculous scripting software program, you should purchase a premium Softaculous license so that you can auto-install any of your favorite applications and plug-ins quickly and easily directly to control panels. You will also have access to scripts on other auto-installers with Softaculous, and the amount of additions you can make to what would otherwise be a fairly standard website is spectacular.



What Sets Softaculous Apart?

Softaculous is one of the most revolutionary scripting software programs on the market in terms of the amount of features offered with the program and the ease of installation onto control panels. Softaculous is a single-click auto-installer, so you will not have to use different scripting installers for each additional program you add to your control panels. Scripting software is developing new applications around the clock to fulfill every desire of the web hosting and web development community. A Softaculous license for cPanel will allow you to get the full benefit of their over 175 different scripts as well as scripts from Fantastico and WHMXtra just to name a few.


Softaculous License

Softaculous – A Developer’s Dream

With a Softaculous license, a developer can expand their creative ability to include a number of different applications. If a web developer is building a site for any business, then he or she can use one of the hundreds of different Softaculous options to enhance the site, add more features, and give the site more pizzazz. Not only can Softaculous make websites more appealing, it can also give them more dimension so that end users will be encouraged to stay on the site longer. Developers have their work cut out for them in the current market, especially with all of the different web hosting companies offering the ability to create custom websites with a couple of simple steps. Softaculous gives developers that edge to show that they can provide more professional, customized web designs than companies that offer inexpensive, traditional templates.


Softaculous Scripts

Softaculous is the best product on the market if you want a fast and easy way to expand your business, offer more products to your customers, and even enhance your own company website. Softaculous has scripts for social networking, mail clients, learning resources, blogs, image galleries, gaming, polls or surveys, ecommerce shopping carts, music, video, and many more. With a Softaculous license, you will be able to provide all of the features that your clients want on their site for an inexpensive yearly premium. A Softaculous license will be compatible with cPanel and DirectAdmin.