If you are looking for a new garden composter, consider the SoilSaver compost bin. This is one of those products which really 'does what it says on the tin'. There are no fancy frills, nothing extra, novel or likely to break. This is a basic but brilliant garden compost bin.

The SoilSaver Garden Compost Bin

The SoilSaver is a black plastic square sided garden composter. That's what you want. Black plastic keeps the recycled garden waste and kitchen scraps hot by absorbing the heat of the sun. This means your garden compost should be ready in no time. Okay, your compost won't be as quick to produce as if you bought a compost tumbler. But, come on, do you really need compost in under a month? This garden compost bin isn't slow to produce anyway. If you add the right balance of green and brown waste, and turn the compost now and again, you should see finished hummus in a couple of months.

Simple to Use

Because the SoilSaver has two removable sides, the garden compost inside is simple to turn. Just pull one of the sides and pull out the contents. Then replace the side and refill the compost bin. Or you could take the more easy-going option and forget about turning your garden compost altogether. It means you must wait a little longer, but personally I just love the lazier route to creating organic compost.

The large lid means adding new material to the SoilSaver is easy. Best of all, the lid is lockable so you need have no worries about the wind, or rodents removing it.

Because this garden composter is square, it will sit neatly against a wall in even the smallest backyard. Brilliantly, two of these bins will sit tidily next to each other. Any gardener will tell you, that whilst one compost bin is useful, two or more are preferable. After all, you never want to run out of room for all your garden waste and kitchen scraps.

Economical Garden Composter

The SoilSaver is extremely economical. With a 25 year warranty and a price tag half that of the cheapest compact compost tumbler, buying a SoilSaver compost bin is an extremely safe purchase.

Whether you are looking for garden composter ideal for a small garden, or just a cheap compost bin you can buy multiple quantities of, the SoilSaver compost bin will prove basic but brilliant at producing all the garden compost you could need.