Everyone enjoys an evening with friends around a campfire. But, for most of us, this simple pleasure just isn't in keeping with our formal design-led patios and backyards. If your backyard is too good for a campfire it is time to get yourself one of the Sojoe Fire Pits.

These solid, yet portable fire pit tables provide a simple and safe home for an outdoor fire. But, importantly they look good, whether lit or not these add another feature to your backyard. Definitely an improvement on the patch of scorched earth that accompanies a standard campfire.

Sojoe Fire Pits are widely imitated. Hardly surprising since the design is a real winner, both functional and beautiful to look at. A cheap version may be adequate for some but make sure you are getting a great deal. If not you are better off buying the real thing as they are manufactured from solid steel over 3mm thick, which is about three times as thick as what the competition use. Solid construction is important if you do not want the fire bowl itself to warp and dent with the heat of the fire.

These fire pit tables are made with a rustic matt coating that means there is never any maintenance or repainting required. Again, not something that could be said about all of the competition.

The Sojoe Fire Pit design is straightforward. Three legs support an extra deep fire bowl. This allows large, fires to be built up and for easier management of the logs. All around the edge of the bowl itself are cut out patterns. Their most popular design features stars and moons, but horses, moose and more abstract designs are available. The idea is you get to see the flames of your campfire through these cut-outs adding a little touch of magic to the camp. There is also a more practical purpose. These holes allow air to circulate right into the heart of the fire. This keeps the fire burning hotter for longer, again you need to meddle less with the campfire!

A rail is incorporated around the edge of the firebowl. This serves as a carry handle for moving the fire pit table, and also as a guard rail-come-foot rest on which to keep your toes nice and toasty.

A wire mesh spark screen is supplied so you have no worries if you live in a wooded area, and also keeps tiny fingers away from the flames.

Most importantly though, Sojoe Fire Pits come with a poker and cooking grill. Nothing beats hot-dogs cooked over wood so what are you waiting for?