Solage Calistoga: A Wedding Venue Made of Art

A wedding in Solage Calistoga is as much about the service as it is about the venue. If you ever find yourself pressed for time in your wedding preparation without wanting to sacrifice the quality of your wedding, people in Solage will make it happen for you. You can pretty much tell them what you want and they take care of everything. They will attend to everything you need, from flowers to sitting arrangement. Yes, you can tell them that your friend Casey and Peter can’t stand each other but are both attending and they will make sure that both have a good time without having to sit beside each other.


The Ceremony

Most ceremonies are done in the main pavilion sweetly called the Solstice. The floor to ceiling glass doors create an illusion that you are in the midst of a garden as these open to the terrace and lawn that, in turn, flows seamlessly to a view of the Palisades Mountains and Mt. St. Helena. From where you will be standing, these mountains will feel like they are just right there within your reach.

The other option is to take the ceremony in the courtyard where you can make your dramatic entrance on the green healthy Bermuda grass. Oaks, olive trees, Canary Island date palms, lavender and herbs will surround you. The contrast of the bring greens against your white gown would create a perfect photo moment.


The Food

Solage is a green oriented resort and that is why you shouldn’t miss their Orzo salad filled with greens, squash, red onion and herbs. You can also try their traditional Ceasar Salad which is everything but traditional. It usually has some meat on it but you can request to take it out if you want a vegan or vegetarian menu. They also serve traditional food such as steaks, crabs, and others.

Whatever it is you want, you will most likely be able to get in terms of food as they are most happy to adjust to what you want. They understand that this is your day. Only what the couple wants should matter.


The Reception

You can hold your reception on either the courtyard or the Solstice. Both venues are designed to accommodate any kind of theme you desire. Solage feels likes a barn that was the center of an 1800s community, a time when people knew each other like family. However, they also managed to combine modernity it. The ceiling is high and they used modern materials like steel and metal. There windows are doors are made of glass that provides a feeling of freedom. It’s a real work of art. Everything feels like a work of art, from the sofas to the tables to the frames.

The entire place will be dominated by orange and in the afternoons as the setting sun reflects on the plain colour of the building. The smell of crushed grapes will complete the feast of your senses as it crawls throughout the place slowly.


The Amenities

The resort is so big that staff needs to ride a bike to be able to go around the resort to do their duties. You can take these bikes to explore the resort too. You can even take this to the silverado trail. It’s a steep climb but the view makes it worth it. They also have a pool for some dip and good time.

Of course they have amenities to relax you. The bathhouse/spa is world class. The hot tubs, the pool are perfect. Their massages are superb and will surely relax anyone before or after the wedding.


The Service

Their service is just as beautiful the venue. It’s world class but the staff will make you feel like a family rather than a master they need to serve.


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Solage Calistoga: For an Art-Filled Wedding
Solage Calistoga: For an Art-Filled Wedding(109253)