Now you can go camping and hiking and still take your electronics with you! Solar backpacking incorporates just some of the latest gadgets on the market that enables you to use your electronics while out in the field, with camping trips, or working field trips

No more scrambling to find a car charger, or even a car for that matter. There are quite a few different styles and brands on the market now, but here are three product descriptions just to give you an idea. Now you can go solar backpacking, and carry your pack with the solar collector on the outside converting that great sunshine into power for you at your next stop. .

These backpacks are basically mobile generators, that will charge most of your electronics, such a cameras, cell phones, MP3s and more, which is why these are great for that camping trip or backpacking trip.

They have a portable panel for absorbing the light and using it as power. You no longer have to be near a house plug to do your recharging of small electronics. Plus the size is small, you don't have to drag something large with you.


Brunton F - Solaris 26 Foldable Solar

solar backpacking

This unit has lots of sections, that enable it to be folded up to the size of a DVD case. This is great considering it can produce 12V of power from absorbing the sunlight.

These units can charge up a laptop, a car battery, (great for when you get back to the car and realize it is dead!) a video camera and more. This unit would make a great travel companion on those camping trips. You just need to unfold and let it absorb the sunlight.

Brunton F - Solar Roll

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This is the ultimate charger for out in the field, whether for work or play. All you need to do with this product, is unroll it and lay it on the roof of a tent or across a flat rock or the hood of the car. It immediately starts converting the sunshine into the power you need to power up or recharge your electronics, whether phones or toys. This one rolls up and can be taken in your backpack no problem too.

Voltaic Converter

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This is basically a backpack with a converter or solar cell on the outside. It can carry small items, or a laptop, for continuous power. You can wear something like this on your back or sling over your shoulder. As long as there is sun, your converter will change it to power for your laptop and other electronics.

Solar backpacking is a great for the environment, no more dragging packs of batteries with you. As long as you can lay out the solar panel, it will start producing power right away, so even on those camping trips you can stay in touch with your cell phones or world phones, and use your laptop and other hungry powered electronics.

As long as you don't have days and days of rain, your solar backpacking experience will keep you in touch. Most of these solar backpacks and portable power units that unfold in the sun, use a typical car charger for powering up. So have fun solar backpacking!