Attracting Birds

With the advances in solar technology, not only are we getting some cool solar decking lights, but we are also able to use solar garden ornaments to decorate our gardens and yards.

One such ornament is the solar bird bath.  Many people, who love birds in their gardens, will offer bird houses, bird feeders and bird baths.  There is nothing more relaxing, than watching birds going from food to home to a cool dip in the backyard bird bath. 

We often have to hose down the bird bath and change the water on a daily basis, especially in the hotter weather.  Standing and stagnant water is not only bad for birds, but makes for a great breeding ground for mosquitoes.

One of the great advantages of having a new solar bird bath is that it can be a fountain of constantly moving water that not only will the birds enjoy but so will you.  Hearing running water is very relaxing, even in a small bird bath.

If you have ever considered adding a water fountain feature to your backyard, then you have also realized the work involved to run electricity to run the pump.  Not only do you have the cost of running the power line, now you have to pay for the use of it.

Solar power is not only for decking lighting anymore, but for many garden ornaments.  Just a few short years ago, you could only get solar lights that you lined your path or porch with, and they required an entire day of sunlight to absorb enough light for the evening, but with solar technology getting better and better, this is no longer true.

Solar power is also being used to run small pumps, such as the pumps that are in these fountain style bird baths.  As long as these solar bird baths are placed in a part of the garden that will receive daylight on the small solar panel on this bird bath, then it will keep running.  The pumps are tiny and efficient, and will keep the water moving in your bird bath.

Birds like softly moving water, and it helps to keep it fresh for them, but also makes a great water feature for you.  If you don’t have the room to be putting in ponds with water features, then consider getting a solar powered birdbath.  Not only do you get the benefit of the running water sound, but the birds are attracted to bird baths

You can get these at most garden centers, and also bird supply stores, but by doing some shopping online, you will find a greater variety of solar birdbaths and other garden decorations to make your yard the oasis is should be. "SOLAR MAGIC" 4 IN 1 BIRD HOTEL (SOLAR LIGHT, BIRD BATH, FEEDER AND PLANTER!)

Many stores will offer different styles, but you can also get “all in one” style solar birdbaths such as the one pictured.

If you offer water, food and habitat for your backyard birds, they are more likely to stay in your garden, and eat those pesky insects and grubs, plus they are just nice to look at.

Giving birds, fresh water is a must in the hotter weather, but at least with a solar birdbath that has a fountain style feature, you can keep the water moving for them and they will enjoy bathing in it.

It may take a day after it is set up for the birds to find it, but once they do they will love it.

The best part about all of this is you have a small pump running completely on solar with no wiring worries, you simply take it out of the box and set it up.  Let the solar panel absorb some light and it will start up.  If you don’t want it running at night, you can simply turn it off, that simple.

If you love the idea of attracting birds to the backyard, then you should check out just what is available now in the solar birdbaths.  I have one, and just love it.  There are so many different styles on the market now, you may have a hard time choosing, but they are affordable enough to get a few.   Also see outdoor gazebo lighting for more backyard ideas this year.