Solar Powered Bird Baths with Heater

Solar bird baths are a great way to entice feathered friends to a lawn or garden. Choosing one that fits the landscaping should be a simple task as they are produced from various materials, including metal, ceramic, concrete and resins. Most are very easily assembled and can be installed and operated by the homeowner the day they arrive.

Choosing a Location for Solar Bird Baths

Choosing a location for solar bird baths requires ample sunlight for most of the daytime hours as they operate on solar panels and do not generally include an additional power source. For this reason the solar bird baths will not operate on cloudy days or at night. Choosing a spot where trees or the house and garage will not block the sunlight as it travels across the sky during the day may require a little ingenuity. A short period of shade may be required but overall choosing a bright sunny location will result in the optimum performance and enjoyment.

Maintenance required for Solar Bird Baths

Some maintenance is required for solar bird baths although it will be minimal. Many pet stores will offer a cleaning solution that will not be toxic to birds or other visitors. Birds do flock to a clean bird bath, but by their very nature will make the water dirty. If possible inspect the bird bath daily for feathers and droppings and wash them out if possible. As often as possible use a bucket, a stiff scrubbing brush and the cleaner and go over the entire surface, rinse and refill with sparkling fresh water. Solar bird baths will attract birds to the garden and provide hours of enjoyment for anyone who enjoys watching them play and listening to their songs.

Materials Used to Create Solar Bird Baths

Many materials are used to create solar bird baths such as metal, resin, concrete, and stone to name a few. They may be very ornate, simple or even modern in design and style. A simple black wrought iron pedestal may hold a bowl with a fountain or at the other extreme a very elaborate multi-tiered set of elaborate bowls with cascading fountains may be formed from a plastic resin. Separate bases or all in one piece are both available. Choosing a fountain that complements the style of the entire yard or garden will provide many options while shopping.

Solar Bird Bath Panels

Solar bird path panels may be built into or onto the bird bath itself or they may be detached with many providing electricity up to 15 feet away from the solar panel. These provide free electricity to operate the bird bath and will last years when protected from hail and extreme weather situations. Ideally the solar panels will be in a location with maximum sun exposure.

Shopping for Solar Bird Baths

Shopping for solar bird baths will be easiest through the websites online due to the wide variety of styles and options available. Local garden centers will often carry one or two styles and are another option, and they may be able to order different styles as well. Many different options exist online, either browsing through various garden or home improvement sites will yield excellent results.

Pricing Solar Bird Baths

Online pricing of solar bird baths begin with selections available for as little as $89.99 for a spectacular antique looking drinking fountain set on a black metal pedestal. A squared pedestal set with two fountains in a carved marble look is offered for just under two hundred dollars online. A carved lion's head look that is large and very formal in appearance is offered for approximately 400 dollars and other styles can go even higher. A very simple green iron garden solar bird bath can be found priced at 69 dollars. Savings through comparison shopping can be accomplished easily online as well as locating sales and possibly discount codes when ordering.

Setting up solar bird baths at home may require the help of an extra person if a heavier or large awkward piece has been purchased. They are generally self contained though and because they don't require plumbing or additional wiring solar bird baths are fairly simple to install. With regular maintenance and cleaning as well as winterizing solar bird baths should last for many years. The joy of providing fresh clean water to the wild birds as well as the enjoyment from watching them frolic and play in water and spray will provide hours of entertainment, making solar bird baths a fun addition to the property.