Nowadays all you have to do is mention the words "solar power" or "environmentally friendly" and you are sure to "turn on" a few people. Recently more and more people are leaning towards the use of solar power. Trying to get off the grid seems to be a major pass time with people, especially if they can afford to do so. Solar power is a technology that people are looking into more these days. Over the years solar power has evolved into a better technology. Gone are the days where the only "solar power" you ever saw was in your little calculator.

Solar powered lights especially Christmas lights have become a feasible alternative today. In the early years of Christianity the only form lighting that was available was oil lamps and candles. Over the centuries the celebration of Christmas has become more and more flamboyant. A proof of this is the Christmas tree covered with electrical lights. Decorating a Christmas tree started with Queen Victoria but it is doubtful whether she used electric lights especially solar Christmas lights. Nowadays people who celebrate Christmas have a wide choice of decorations for their homes and trees, one of them being solar Christmas lights.

Solar Christmas lights work much the same way as other appliances that are run off solar energy. They make use of a solar panel which converts solar light into electricity which is then stored in a small battery. In order to get maximum potential from the battery LED lights are used. If you were to use traditional light bulbs, the battery life would not be very long. There are kits available where you can put together one yourself.

There are some down sides to using solar Christmas lights. If you live in an area that does not get a lot of sunshine then obviously using one of these may not be the right choice for you. There are also differences in quality. The price is ultimately affected by the quality. If you are willing to spend more then it is possible to find one that will light the bulbs for a long period of time.