Solar collector panels are one of the best way to turn mother nature's natural resources into usable power. Solar collector panels are environmentally friendly and use the sun, a clean and renewable source of energy, to heat the water and power various appliances throughout the house. Once installed, solar panels do not demand much maintenance and will save you on electricity bills. Various States also now encourage the installation of solar collector panels through tax credits on their installation.

Solars panels use photovoltaic cells to turn the sun rays into electricity. They are usually installed on the roof of the house. The optimum direction for solar collector panels are facing south at 35 degrees angle. This setup will give you the best all around performance. If your solar system installation is rather for winter use then increasing the angle of the solar panels will give better results. If your roof faces east -west, you can still use solar collector panels but their covering area will have to be increased to make up in the loss of performance.

Any excess energy produced can be stored in batteries, for those days when the sun is nowhere to be seen. Solar energy is a great solution for people living off the beaten path and off the electricity grid. They can also be used as a back up energy solution. As we've said earlier rebates on the installation of such systems are available which make solar collector panels really appealing. Moreover, constant progress is made in photocells technology, meaning solar panels are becoming more and more capable and compact.

The measuring unit for solar power is the kilowatt hour, kWh. A complete solar energy installation consists of the following elements: a battery, a charge controller, a battery, an inverter, solar collector panels, a support structure and wiring. To assess of much energy you need to cover your energy needs with solar power you can look at your energy bills or contact the electricity company. It's always best to overestimate a bit how much need just in case you have months were your energy needs are more important. Establishing your power consumption will also help you in having a better idea of what type of cells and how many you need. If you don't want to bother with any of that you can call a company or contractor dealing with solar system installation and they will do everything for you, from the research to the actual installation of solar collector panels and all the rest.