Solar energy is something that seems rather mysterious to many people but it is actually very simple to understand. The sun gives off energy in the form of light and heat. This energy travels through space for some 93,000,000 miles before it reaches the Earth. We feel this energy that the sun gives off on our skin and we also appreciate it because of the light that we see. Solar energy can be used for a variety of purposes as our earliest ancestors found out and as we are now beginning to revisit.

Have you ever taken a magnifying glass and concentrated the sun's rays enough to see that you can actually burn a piece of paper? That isn't because of the direct heat that comes from the sun, it is because of the energy that the sun is transferring to the earth and focused through the glass. The magnifying glass trick is just one of the ways to capture this energy. Imagine if we can use solar energy in a variety of different ways. Some of the simplest forms of solar energy are manifested when we feel the heat that comes through a glass window. That same energy can also be collected and used to do such things as light our homes, run our appliances and even power our vehicles.

The best time to incorporate solar energy in your home is whenever it is first being built or if you are in the middle of a major remodeling. Because energy from the sun is free to collect, you actually don't have any recurring bills because of the energy that you're using. The problem with establishing solar energy in your home, however, is that the solar cells that collect and distribute this energy can cost tens of thousands of dollars upfront. But, spread out over time on a loan, for example, you will actually find that you end up saving hundreds or perhaps even thousand dollars every year in utility payments.

Solar energy is something that has always been available but just recently has been utilized in the home as we become more environmentally conscious. The technology that gathers this energy and distributes it to operate our machines is constantly getting better and better. The existing technology, however, is well within grasp for the homeowner and can effectively power your home even today. There are plenty of instructional guides on installing solar energy in the home available as well as do-it-yourself kits that can get you started on the road to solar energy.