Countries have been utilizing solar energy to provide power for their own advancement. Now, what countries make use of the most solar energy and why do they choose it? Many countries choose to utilize solar technology since it impacts greatly on their electricity and environmental problems. However, some countries are more aggressive in utilizing this energy source and  they are recognized as members of the world's top solar energy users. And among the countries using this technology, Germany is at the top.

This renewable source of energy provides countries possibilities to increase their service to their constituents as well as to protect their natural resources. Countries use it mainly because it is inexpensive. The cost of producing solar power for the first time may be  high since countries require  a considerable section of land and numerous residential solar panels, but following this minor drawback comes rewards. Once you have built your own power facility, there will only be little or no maintenance needed. Furthermore, solar energy is free. Therefore the cost of the initial production would be overshadowed by the benefits of using this type of energy ultimately. Being environment-friendly is a major advantage of solar technology. There will be no creation of harmful greenhouse gasses while utilizing this natural source of energy. With the fast depletion of the natural sources of energy on Earth, it is an extremely tempting option. Solar energy is from the sun making it the very best alternative energy source.

There are many countries that have seen the light of solar  energy advantages, but you can find only a few who actually utilized it  to its full potential. Top solar power consuming countries include India, France, Czech Republic, USA, Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Belgium.

However, Germany continues to be the most successful country in the terms of solar technology utilization and solar power production. In 2009 alone, Germany installed 3,806 megawatts of Photovoltaic solar energy capacity making their total to 9,785 megawatts. This made Germany an extremely able producer of solar power  beating  the U.S solar energy capacity by more than 8 times. In fact, Germany's goal is to apply 100% renewable power by the year 2050. Germany also passed laws requiring major business establishments to support and utilize energy from the sun.

Because of the introduction of solar energy anywhere in the planet, countries have been completely notified of the power that solar energy advantages have. Most of today's countries use solar energy to make electricity. These countries are utilizing solar technology given that they have observed what the effects of using this source of energy is able to bring them, and likewise because solar energy can really help create a greener tomorrow.

Because it is free, it is certainly cost-effective and as such, governments can just allocate lesser budgets on non-renewable, high-priced energy sources and instead allocate more for health, retirement and other important services. This is essentially one of the most effective ways to combat the rising  prices of non-renewable energy sources such as coal, gas, and oil. The use of solar power as a primary source of energy is potentially one of the realistic ways for countries to rise above the current global financial crisis and improve their economy.