How will we humans stop from destroying the planet? You might argue that the human race is doing just fine and so is the planet. While many people like to take that approach and renounce global warming as a hoax, one can't argue that we aren't doing harm. New animals, and plants are going extinct every day along so much harmful pollution. You can still argue that is no big deal the world doesn't need s three toed tree frog, or a black rhino. However, these extinctions and levels of pollution are having a cumulative tole weather we like to acknowledge it or not. There has to be a way to stop or at least slow down our detrimental extent on the world.

One such way is the use of solar energy. Solar energy can be implemented in the construction of a new building, allowing the sun to well light the area and keep it at a comfortable temperature.  You can use solar energy in accompany with green houses to maximize the effectiveness of climate control to produce fruits and vegetables.  You can distill and purify water just simply with the power of the sun. This works best with saline or brackish water. You can also distill the heat from the sun and use it to cook food, with the right building and climate of course.  

Solar energy relies entirely on the radiant light and heat from the sun.  It is then harnessed and applied to water causing it to boil, and then spin turbines to create power. While our level of understanding doesn't allow us to completely abandon our reliance on fossil fuels it is paving the way for new understanding. Like all technology it gets faster and stronger after periods of application, and knowledge discovery. Scientists not only harness the heat from the sun but harness the light itself much the same way plants do using photovoltaic cells. Unfortunately, we are behind the plants on fully harnessing the light current silicon solar cells reach 5-6 percent efficiencies.  While space age ideas such as solar cars are slowly becoming a reality, the power of the sun is still only in its infant stages. Hopefully one day we will ditch our dependancies on fossil fuels all together.