Some people love camping because they can get away of the everyday uses that we rely on.  They love being in the middle of nature and not having to worry about cell phones ringing, the television being on or having to worry about taking a shower and looking nice for the day.  Other people do not like camping for these reasons.  They feel like they are missing something if they do not have their cell phone, they want to shower everyday and they want to have all of their electronic devices with them at all times.  If this sounds like you, there is a lot of different solar equipment you can buy for camping.  With this equipment you will feel like your right at home.


Solar Showers

Solar showers are great for camping.  Some of them can heat up to 120 degrees.  This is hotter than you probably have your hot water on at home.  All you need to do is fill a solar shower with water, hang it from a tree and wait for the sun to heat it up.  Some people build shower curtains around so they can get a full private shower in.  Others just use it to rinse off.  Either way, this solar shower is a great invention and is a great extra for camping.  You can choose the amount of water that comes out of the hose whether you want a lot of pressure or just a little bit of pressure.  Most of these solar showers are 5 gallons.  If it is summertime and you have access to a clean lake or a stream, many people prefer to shower this way.  However, if it is 60 degrees out in the spring or a cold summer day, you will probably feel more comfortable when the water is warmer.


Solar Cookers

There are solar stoves and solar ovens that work great for cooking your food while camping.  If you do not have a fire to cook over, or propane to use, a solar cooker can really work great.  Many solar cookers can heat up to 360 degrees just by using the sun’s rays.  This is pretty amazing.  Cooking with a solar cooker is very safe because there is no flame and no risk of starting a fire.  You can cook anything that a regular conventional house oven would cook up to about 350 degrees.  This makes camping extremely exciting for everyone.


Solar Chargers

Solar chargers are amazing for those who can’t go camping without their cell phone and want to bring their computer with as well.  All you need to do is plug your device into a solar charger and let it charge up.  Many have admitted that it does take time to charge your device because it takes so much power, but is worth it.  If you feel like watching a movie on your laptop while camping, this is the way to go.


Solar Radio

There are solar powered radios on the market today.  You can listen to either the a.m. or f.m. radio while you are camping.  There is no need to worry about running out of batteries while you are camping or having to worry about breaking your ear drums because of your family’s terrible singing.  Some of the models have a hand crank as well which allows you to crank the radio if it is night time and you want to listen to the radio and there is not enough charge from the sunlight.  You can also find some that are solar weather radios so you can be prepared if there is a severe storm coming or what the weather is going to be like the next few days while you camp.  This extra has been a lifesaver for many families.


Solar Refrigerator

There is no need to keep running to the gas station which is way in town every time you run out of ice.  These refrigerators look to be about the same size as an average cooler.  The solar refrigerator is similar to a cooler how it keeps your food nice and cold.  It can do this just by the power of sunlight.  It is pretty amazing that the sun would be able to keep your food cold.


Solar Lanterns and Flashlights

Solar lanterns are awesome because you do not have to worry about running out of batteries while camping.  Simply set your solar lantern out at night and let the sunlight charge your lantern.  At night, you should have enough sun to keep a good charge for a while.  They also make hand crank lanterns so you can crank the lantern to charge it as well.  These work great as neither one of these do not require batteries.  Energizer makes a spotlight that is incredibly bright.  This lantern can be set outside in direct sunlight for 5 hours and will give off 3 1/2 hours light from the spotlight.  This is pretty amazing, especially because you won’t be using the spotlight during the daytime anyways.


Solar Generators

There are many solar generators on the market today.  There are some that are very large and some small ones that can work just as well.  Solar generators are great to bring camping because they can give power to just about anything.  These are pricey but are well worth the cost.  You could virtually power anything you want while you are on your camping trip.  This makes camping fun and enjoyable for everyone in your trip.


Solar powered equipment makes camping a luxury these days.  For those who have avoided camping because they don’t want to deal with roughing it, you don’t have to rough it anymore.  Many people who camp in an RV really like this method because these are the people who usually like to be the most comfortable while camping.  Another option besides solar is hand cranked because you wouldn’t need batteries with these devices either.  All you would have to do is turn a handle to give power to almost anything.

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