Energy Efficient Solar Hot Water Panel

Energy efficiency and green technologies are quickly becoming industry standard while customer demand for these types of products are soaring. There is little reason to wonder why this is the case too as implementing these technologies in our homes and businesses can reap major savings in energy costs over the long haul. There are many energy efficient products you can implement in your house but one very popular option is installing a solar hot water panel which is used to heat water with the sun's energy and use that water for any purpose that requires hot water including drinking water and washing clothes.

You can also use a solar hot water panel to heat a home especially in areas where not a lot of heat is necessary. The solar hot water panel heats water in coils during the day and stores it in a hot water collection tank similar to a traditional hot water heater which runs on electricity. The hot water which was heated through the solar hot water panel or panels can then be circulated through a series of piping running through the walls and ceilings of a house maintaining a warm temperature on the inside of residential insulation. Because the hot water is on the inside of the insulation it becomes more difficult for a home to lose heat during the evenings and nights.

How Solar Hot Water Panels Work

The solar hot water heater usually will be circulating potable water so that all home uses of water can come from the solar hot water heater. If the water circulated is not potable then it cannot be used to send hot water to sinks for drinking water and is far less useful for the home owner. If you are considering installing a solar hot water panel then let this be your first solar panel installation tip: make sure you run potable water through your solar hot water panel system.

To setup such a system you will basically need to contact a local solar panel retailer in your area who specializes in solar hot water panel and related products and find the right product for your house and your needs. You may find that your home requires too much heat for a solar hot water panel to produce. In this case you may wish to strategize your purchase and installation so that you do not waste your money. If you need to acquire electricity from the grid to supplement your residential solar panel system then you will want to do so as deliberately and economically as possible.

Save Money On Electricity With Residential Solar Panels

Generally speaking the solar hot water panel basics are easy to understand to even the novice at home construction, green technology, and energy efficiency. You install solar panels on your roof and use the power collected by the sun on the panels to replace your electrical needs around the house but unfortunately it's not always so simple. Most homes find that they cannot produce enough electricity from solar panels and thus they have to be on the electrical grid in addition to running electricity from their home solar system.

The reasons for this can be complex and can also be quite simple. You may find that your lifestyle simply requires more electricity than can be created by solar panels on your roof. This may be because your house requires a lot of electricity and it may also mean you have too little roof space to accommodate the necessary amount of solar panels. Another problem may be the fact that your region simply doesn't get enough unimpeded sun light to create enough energy for your home to run on solely. Likely however the reasons are a combination of these three but in some circumstances things might be different.

Some people find they can produce more electricity than they need through solar panels and the solar hot water panel is a luxury that they can't fully unitize. Some municipalities allow you to sell over production of electricity back to the electrical company but this is not the case all around. Unfortunately if you live in an area where you cannot sell electricity back into the grid system then you may wish to install few solar panels and keep your costs lower.

Install Solar Panels And Sell Excess Electricity?

This is definitely a bureaucratic situation and one that is not necessarily ideal but the fact of the matter is that no matter how efficient you are if you produce more electricity through your solar panels you may not be able to sell the excess electricity back to the local electrical company depending upon where you live. Hopefully for your sake you live in an area where you can install however many solar hot water panel setups you like without worrying about over-investment. It would make complete sense for every homeowner to install more solar panels than they need and sell the rest to the grid that way the traditional electrical company has to produce less through less energy efficient means.

Regardless of your unique situation however, installing solar hot water panels are an effective and efficient way to replace or supplement your hot water heater and possibly keep your home heater in the cold season. Make sure you take the time to upgrade your insulation so that your home is efficient as possible at storing heat and air during the seasons and setup your home installation to take advantage of the solar hot water heater by using it not only for heater potable water but also to keep you home's temperature regulated when it is cold outside.

Also, make sure you go beyond the basics of solar hot water panel technology and learn the intricacies that different solar panel systems offer and how they can each help you and your home. Let me encourage you to go out and install a solar hot water panel system today. You will definitely reap the benefits of electrical savings for many years to come and hopefully, with a little luck from your local government and your solar availability you can even make a buck off of energy efficiency and solar panel installation.